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Long time reader
I've read this comic quite a few times since its start (I dunno, I came into it back when like chapter 5 was still updating) and I just realized that the charm was a penis 3+ years later. (to accurately sum up the mind-blowage)
January 14th, 2011
Aaaah~ Saucy, please update! PLEASE!
Is this an update I see~? Awesome~ Welcome back to the world, Chloe Remebrance~ I missed you~
Hey, thanks for the announcement~ Re-makes are always good, especially after a style change~
Love the deathstare there XD Good work on this page *has been patiently waiting like a good little reader*
I am loving all the dads in this comment... Except for maybe Hiddy on a few subjects... Anyway, you're never too old to flash someone for a friend!
lol. Hiddy's face in that third panel entertains me to no end.
gosh darn you... i started the game... now i'm addicted... frak...

oh, good page. horus needed to stand up to her at some point
I agree with eishiya. I see a butt whoopin like never before. dake looks really really pissed off. i love your whole series though. :3
oh dear, you've just got to love Eila and her picking on Dake and Tommy >.<
this page is hopelessly funny, like every other page, and I lurves the funny!
urg... you need to continue. i was confused at the last few pages. i couldn't tell who the two riders were that hugged. can you tell me please?