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Love reading online comics (can't draw so i can't make my own). I write stories in my spare time. Wanna be an author.
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Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your trip!!
Your in rome eh? hope you have a little bit of fun there (at least ^-^)
so many pretty dragons i'm excited about this!!
OMG little brother is so cute <3 <3
Story Time!! ~sits down in front of drake happily~ yay! story!!
Oh no!! All the dragons can't be dead!! They're too cute and huggable!!!
I wanna know why he's all alone too!!!
Oh the poor thing. At least he knows how to take care of himself or i'd probably cry. Can't have a dragon with an infection that'd be horrible
poor drake. His boo boo still looks bad. he needs super antibiotics for super roxorz dragons.
he's adorable even with hat hair. Good luck with whatever your busy with, and it's good to be back to being your fan <3
oh god the goggles!!!!
hehe I love drake's hat!
This page made me sad
I think you did very well with the bulkier one. I like him. But Main Character Drake is still the bestest!!
Yay you scored a point!! you score another for the cool dragon on the left!!
Oh my dear god the baby dragon is utterly adorable!!!!
I Love the full out dragons. They're gorgeous!!!
Oh dear. I wanna know how to remove someone's ambition.
ahh nobody needs all their body parts. I can do without an arm if i get to pet the pretty drake-kitty
awww i dont mind if he scratches me, as long as it doesn kill me lol.