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your nostrils insult me :U

lol jks. i love you.

not in that way though.
May 23rd, 2011
baww your new style is adorable >u<

loving the new eyes!
oooh I wonder what's in store for Nico (:
May 9th, 2011
Never got to that extra page I wanted to do ;__; Maybe another time when school isn't so demanding haha.

And now, Hayley comes face to face with someone?!

Also, I might start replying with this artist comment now |D



Maybe one day she will, but not just now I guess XD
May 6th, 2011
hehe you're welcome! glad you're happy, i enjoyed drawing Keith XD
May 6th, 2011
eep sorry for not updating last week >__< i've been super busy with school, work and Sims 3 which I recently bought. Oh and the royal wedding haha.

i was going to do a double update today but i had to work and came home at 9 and gahhh. maybe on monday :> my exams are coming up next month so while i can't promise anything, i'll try and update PPR as much as i can. hopefully i can find some time on the weekend to finish some pages if my tablet decides to not be moody.

SO HERE IS SOME HAYLEY-WEILDING-A-BROOM ACTION. Who has entered the house? Is it burglars? is it the people on the cover? ARE THEY BURGLARS?!
Woo congrats mappy!
April 25th, 2011
Yes they did!

Ohoho who knows~

YAAY ahaha and the first place you decide to tell me is on my comic :'D well done.
April 25th, 2011
Oh gosh this isn't late at all >u> //still a few mins left of today

happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday (: urgh I'm back at school on Wednesday OTL

also, this is officially page 50! holy crap i didn't think i would get this far but well, here we are!

and somehow i got 3 cameos in here |D
we got
Keith from (ready to take Olly's food no doubt ;D)
Fox from
Alyce from

hopefully I won't get too much homework this week oAo
April 22nd, 2011
It seems forever since I've updated, but its only been 4 days OTL But here is the start of ch3, a small time skip and Hayley's commentary on what's been going on (:
you guys are right D:

ahaha definitely didn't expect holograms to appear XD
ahh tyty~

hehe yeah he does XD
wow it seems so weird to be starting chapter three D: but here I am! bahh my tablet is being extremely moody today and it's quite annoying :/ but I'll get friday's page up for sure~

hmm, what will be happening in this chapter... Wellll we'll be meeting these three amigos, Chase's dad, skip forward a few weeks and meet Papa Razzi, who is, uh, well you'll find out ;)

Papa Razzi had a different name, but then raiita/rach was like, LOL you should call somebody that and im like, smart D:
but that's later on~

enjoy and thank you for reading and commenting <3
now you do!
It seems Olly and Chase have found a best friend in each other~
yaay finished!
this comic was about Hayley's 17th birthday, which was a surprise organised by Olly and Chase~ cause technically she's supposed to be 17 but OTL

phew chapter 2 is finally done! onto chapter 3, starting monday! let's see if i can actually bring out a whole chapter on time :'D

fun fact: i made an Ollysaurus out of clay, except it's blue instead of pink. maybe when i remember i'll take a photo and show you guys haha
wooo it's finally starting!
anyone want to take a guess at what this comic is about/what will happen next? ;)
ahaha XD
no no of course I don't mind! I've been so busy the past couple of months i totally forgot to read Spud Guy, but rest assured i'm following it now! you always draw him so cute~

LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWL did you know, if you add 'ES' to the end of your comment, it spells FAECES :"""D //shot forever

haha true true!
thank you ;A;
and here's the first part of my extra comic! also known as the comic where the boys annoy Hayley :'D


oh and if you're interested in what i'm currently drawing/want to see my Black team,

chapter 3 will start on Monday btw :)
It's not Keith's lucky day, is it? XD