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There's not much to say. I'm engaged to a wonderful guy and I like to draw.
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I keep hearing that little jingle that plays when that guy drags you around.
I think his other job is saving little girls.
Would it be to much to ask for epilogue? just a few pages or something? it's so sad to see this over!
yup. That's how Sally would do it. Heck that's how I would do it.
2 pages left of the prologue and then we start chapter 1.
Words from Eth
next page with be a little back story into the world.
Words from Eth
...her eyes are white...
Words from Eth
So I've been debating about making this comic for awhile, and finally decided too.
SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :: several minutes later :: I knew you wouldn't let this die! I love you so much more now then I ever did before causethisisthebestfancomicEVER
Every time you post a page I'm go all foam mouth and faint with joy. well not faint but I start giggling and rereading your comic like a hundred times
Wait...did she put the egg in her bag? is that why the Harpy is all angry?!
I must have completely missed all the hints. I did not see this coming!
I think he's just stamping out the fire.
Oh dear Arceus we're all screwed. Atticus better not use DT to light his smokes anymore, DT might accidentally use ember on his face. And then his haaaiiirr! Nooo the hair!
Am I the only person to remember how in the games if you get a pokemon that doesn't completely respect you, it does what it wants? I mean, Ash's charmander when he evolved ignored Ash most of the time.

Maybe this is kinda like that. DT respects his trainer so much and wants his love SO much that he's willing to prove to Atticus that he can do what Atticus wants without needing his instructions. Of course when push comes to shove I'm sure Atticus will say something like "you need to hide idiot" or "pft, he's behind you."
When I saw that dress, the first thing I thought was:

"Oh Mewtwo, stop kidnapping Nurse Joy."
I saw this coming when he said his Valkyrie friend gave it to him.
Seriously, the Grim Reaper is holding a bear called "mauls-A-Lot" That alone means there's something different about the bear. Run. Run as fast and as far as you can.
Oh Steve you're such a jerk