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i loved to draw and write stories. (reason why im here XD)
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Ahem, I will now add a FLCL reference....."Did he put his tounge in SMOOOOOOCH?!!?" XD
Oh Oasis don't!
Oh man, those eyes, ive seen those big dramatic eyes before,that means she's falling for him. oh god this is going to be painful and so sad when she gets shot down, damn damn damn, poor girl.
This is going to be one BADASS FIGHT!! Inthi corerwe Hae M and his Epic guitar of epicness and in this corner, Luke with his AK-47 of doom
who will come out on top?!?! XD
HA! the kd looks terriefied XD "creepy as shit" i can't breath I'm laughing so hard
Can't help but say......
My first was just a few months ago at a party sme of my older friends were throwing. It was also when i found out I'm not particuarly found of any alchoholic beverage, well ok except for one it was a Smirnof but i think that one was just a chaser or wait i could be wrong
want moar!!
can't wait to read this!!!! i absolutly ADORE this art style!!! >W<
best. line. ever.
XD "mile~ i fucking hate you!!!" XD this is probably one of the only comics ive read that has literaly made me laugh so hard i fall straight out of my chair. THIS SHOULD SO BE IN BOOK FORM!! also for "guest" i say report him or something he'll just keep this cruel charade up, also Commentors ignore him!! your just adding gas to the fire when you respond to his childish antics.
Yay! you updated, I love this comic, please don't abandon it!
ahh oh my god!!! this comic is lovely!!! the colors are fanfreaking tastic and the story is so awsome!! keep up the good work!! X3