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hobbies: drawing, writing (all m/m in nature), and playing video games.

occupation: college student

history: grew up in Japan reading Archie comics. the influence of both is prevalent in my artwork.
December 6th, 2011
your comic is super engaging. stunning work.
random Trust Fall. awesome.
poor Sergio. kid looks like he's in Simon's funeral progression.
K.O panel is the best. *laughs*
don't know if the allusion to "Love Mode" is intentional or not. still. *points and stares* haven't read that in YEARS. also. very interesting plot thus far.
holy.crap. this page is great. those are the most lackluster cupids i have ever seen.
Oldsmobiles are ugly. your backgrounds and panels are nice though.
*laughs* you put the two people on the ship who both need a translator together?! HAHAHAHAaa ahh. that's great. *wipes away tears of mirth*
ah. the poor terrified thing. starting to feel bad for him.
February 7th, 2011
oh wow. that face says 'i'm trying so hard not to throw up in your mouth'. *snickers*
"citizens" *dies* the little voice in the back of my head hears a 1950s radio personality coming out in forceful yet squeaky boy-soprano. and Nilus tickles me with her broken English too.
what are you talkin' 'bout, Simon? he knows everything about you and still likes you, you have to keep him . . . besides, if you two break up now you'll probably have a stalker on your hands . . . a really cute stalker, but still.
Oh wow. that "Can't Swim" sounds contagious as hell. and now the poor kid is going to drown in clothes in that last panel . . . great page :D
thank you. i agree with most of it.

-- the characters ARE lacking but none of them are based on me.
-- in the beginning i was learning to color so i used as little as possible until i got the hang of it.
-- paneling. sorry, this is my first comic and i'm halfway to scrapping it now and just sticking with writing which comes more naturally than this (that grammar/spelling score is not a fluke i'm actually a decent writer ^_^).

again, thank you for your time and effort piecing through my f'd-up comic and if i ever try this again i hope it will be a worthy read.
and DT's panel says, 'Ugly Rabid-Rabbit-Rat thing, you just got served!' whoo!!
July 30th, 2010
i love your artwork! this comic is really cute. eagerly awaiting more.
i'd like to request a review of my comic, please.
i completely understand about those pesky text bubbles. but still. love the coloring. and what's wrong with that Tooth Fairy?!
dude! awesome job so far. your art style is adorable ^_^
i like the artwork, and this is really interesting. whatever image manipulator program you use should be able to restore the color (though it still looks great to me) and Ophelia's face in the last panel is priceless.