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I haven't updated this since 9th grade?
I'm a college student now.
Traditional painter, Sonic the Hedgehog enthusiast.
Smoothie's naked
@BananaUhl: I'm gonna go ahead and admit that he's naked because we had midterms, then a really busy week planned, like painting this at 2am sorta busy.

So we decided that drawing (and coloring in) his clothes took too much time and it is like 20 times easier to just paint a giant patch of color and draw in his body than it is to draw clothes.

And like yeah he's naked because we had a time crunch and yeah, it saved us time lol
February 16th, 2018
Thank you!
The first part of the this little arc is done and I'm so thankful to all of for reading! Thank you so much!

This really is a passion project and I'm glad that there's people reading it! I hope you are all enjoying this comic as much as I am! Thank you for keeping up with us every week!

Lol Apollo is soooo Apollo, I love her.

Also like the drink Eros was drinking earlier was most definitely blood, he's a vampire, so you know? It's so foggy in SF, and the building cast such large shadows, plus a subway, I'm sure vampires could live just fine there.

I think my favorite mystic creature we get to know in the series are the demons tho, I think the original idea for the series definitely cared more for the vampire aspects. But ehh, it's all cool, magic and spells and whatnot.

Haha I'm glad the plot is starting to get there, hope you're excited to see the next part in this story. Thank you again for reading!
Problems with scanning
Also we played around with the paint mixes and finally got Juan and Aurora to scan at their actual painted colors, because our scanner has a lot of trouble picking up colors tbh, it's wild, like idk if this is a universal problem, but like we can have like 2 colors look identical to the naked eye and then look completely different to the scanner. I notice with a lot of darker colors our scanner just turns them to a dark grey and it's just so disappointing sometimes.
So I'm gonna try to figure out consistent paint mixtures so that we can try to get the colors matching more.

It took forever to get Yuchun's skintone, a few scans of him almost make him look white, when really he's sorta peachy? Hik's hair color was tricky as well, because for the longest time we could only get the scanner to capture that darker blue it was for a while, but we both wanted his hair a more powdery blue, but the light blue would scan as white, so like his hair is actually mixed with a little green and it scans as light blue now!

Apollo's colors have never been a problem, idk why, probably because she's Apollo and that's just how she is.

I wonder where are Hikaru and Yuchun?
I've been working a week now!!! But luckily I had enough time to paint the comic! I have the next couple of days off, so gonna get around to the next couple of pages!

My job has been a lot less stressful than my last job, but I haven't gotten paid yet, so idk if I can speak well of it yet haha.

Anyways thank you again for reading the comic! Really glad to see consistent viewers on this it really means a lot!
I hope you're all enjoying August so far and prepping for the fall. Which is kinda creeping up on us?

Do any of the Kira Kira Apollyon characters have fall birthdays?

Apollo and Eros' both have August 1st, but that's still summer. Juan's is July 7th, although he does love Halloween! Prometheus' is November 11th, so I think that is a fall birthday!!!

Lol, I love birthdays, that's probably why it's still Aurora's b-day
Shout out to this amazing fanart:

It means so much that you did that!! Omg, thank you💕💕
Thanks to all of you for the support and I hope you all have a fun and safe July!
The funny thing is that I painted a piece of deleter black.

Also, I have a paper to write and a few quizzes to do this week, isn't dead week supposed to be for studying? Not for you know? Papers and test? It just makes you one big ball of stress, hope y'all are already enjoying your summers and drinking plenty of beverages. Sportacus wants you to take care of yourself
@Sue: thank you! We've been spending this birthday having fun in the city!
@capybaraqueen: lol we were talking about how it's been a year and a half and nobody's mentioned that hat XD
@Sue: I'M glad!!
@rolling orange: IT'S PERFECT!!!! YOUR ART IS SO PRETTY!! Art goals tbh! I'm so happy! Thank you so much!!! I'm honored!
Hehe this chapter has been fun to paint when Tiffany said we'd do a chapter mostly set in an aquarium I was so done tbh, but I actually really enjoyed planning the colors. I've never really painted people in aquariums before so this was experimental for me.

I'm taking an art class right now, it's like art history online and like I've tried taking it like probably 3 times now, but keep withdrawing from it. I hope I can actually finish it this quarter because honestly I have no clue why I keep leaving the class? Boredom I guess? I mean it's just a forum with notes.

Anyways hope you all have a good time at whatever you're up to, school, work, life. Take care of yourselves and thanks for reading!
@Raspberry-Nunez: us running out of blue paint ain't an "lol" the next chapter stars my favorite bluenette!!

Thank you all for reading the comic! I hope it's as fun to read as it is to make!
@rolling orange: thank you so much!! It was difficult picking the colors!
December 17th, 2016
@Guest: thank you so much!!!
December 9th, 2016
AHHH the pink in the sky scanned as grayer than I had hoped, oh well, I hope it's understood that it's twilight :D
November 26th, 2016
Sorry it's late!
Sorry, thank you for your patience with us. Raspberry was supposed to do the inking because I hurt my hands playing Katamari Damacy and so it just ran late! She almost never does the inking, so I guess it slipped her mind until I asked about it!

On an update on my life, since I rarely post!
I quit my job and now have time to devote back to the comic! But unfortunately it times up with a ton of schoolwork piling up! :'/

I quit on the basis of not being able to balance my life, but it was nice working for awhile, bought lots of art supplies, but never had time to paint!

Anyways, can't wait to finish this chapter, because honestly the next one sounds a lot funner visually.

I hope you're all enjoying the story unfolding, the Crystal weaponry is one of my fave things in the story and I hope it makes sense in the long run.

Hope all is well, remember to be nice to retail workers, because seriously that's how I ended up running out of work in tears and quitting. :D
September 9th, 2016
About my Job
I'm very tired, on my free time I've been trying to get some painting in for the comic, I'm enjoying the extra money, but debating if I should quit, because I'm only being paid $11.50 and getting closing shifts. T_T

I'm very scared of parking lots at night and it doesn't help that now there's this large patch of the parking lot at work that is blocked off so you HAVE to park about a 6 minute walk from the entrance. And like it horrifies and my employers are being very inconsiderate towards this very real fear of mine and they won't even give me jury duty off, so yeah I'm quitting you legally have to give someone jury duty off and if they won't do it, that's shady.

On a side note I saw a guy at work that looked like Hikaru and he was even short like him so it really was really cool. Hikaru is one of my faves, I sometimes wonder who's the fan favorite lol, but like also idk if there's enough content out yet to judge that
@AnimeWhoLock: Thank you so much!! 💖
Oh my!
This page took ages to finish and then all the colors didn't even scan lol. It took a long time planning and designing this and then the sky was collaged on haha. I'm happy with the end results tho and I'm excited for the story to start taking off this chapter.
I changed the skirt to pants in the textbook
Tiffany nobody has time for your gender binary