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Hey, I'm ClareSilver47, also known as Clare

I'm in the process of building my new computer so maybe I'll make a return in a few months. Hard to say since I'm still waiting for the new video cards to be revealed. However I'm not going to make a return to the sprite community immediately because writing takes priority.

~~~~Today I Feel~~~~

Status: Writing Stories

Comic status: Weird guy appears

Online Status: Suddenly dragons

Recreational Time: Starts writing different story


On hold and instead working on some web novels

~~~~~Quote Box~~~~~

The world is a cruel place. This is why comics exist to express wishes and dreams. A comic is work of art where the dreams of the creator is manifested into reality. A hope where the impossible can become possible through art. It is eternal and can never be destroyed ~ClareSilver47

~~~~~Random stuff about me~~~~~

At the moment, I play Dota 2, Overwatch and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. When not gaming I'm reading various Light Novels.

I limit the amount of webcomics I join and make, so I delete or leave comics.
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Alright... I didn't realize I haven't checked this place in months and totally forgot but my laptop's wifi card imploded months ago... It's honestly been acting adding strangely and I can't get it work properly after 30 minutes of operation. I'm going to need to replace it so yeah, I'm more of less dead until I get a new laptop
It seems that winter gets a ghosty face because of the red bubble. But the one under it was probably not supposed to and instead supposed to be coming from the Redhood and not Winter
Mewtwo's design is based around fetus created through science... kinda
That's why he has tubes and stuff but he's still got the basic shape of Mew :/
Fun fact, Mew is actually designed to look like a fetus.
Mewtwo is thus designed to look like a mutated fetus ;)
The inside Ket's mouth is transparent :/
I bet he ends up being the spirit of a young red hood who forms a contract with Winter along the lines of 'making new memories together'
I guess I should make a comment in celebration over the fact you can finally express your joy for loyal readers

That and the fact I realized I haven't commented in anything in over a month
Things have been slow honestly
And we're back to our regularly scheduled program
What happened to Metaboo anyway
>This is basically what I wanted to happen in my last command
Well Mercy doesn't care. As far as she's concerned dating leads to romance and romance leads to sex

She's fine if it's just hanging out
Collab comic GO

We worked on this together all night

Enjoy this monolith of a comic with way more effort put into it than normal
Panel one has an error where he says 'Saves' instead of Safes, unless this world has a magical element we don't know about where if you die you can go back to a past save point if you have a Save
>Turn invisible and haunt them and stick to these assholes like a tick until you find yourself something you can deal with. After all, they are the only visitors you have had in a long time, even if they messed up your happy (though a bit dull) 'life'
Le Gasp!
It's returning!
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: No, they can I believe. It's just that the last guy he fought tried to cause an earthquake against a guy who floats
Dat grainy look... Normally I resize the sprites then rotate them :/
So I decided to get off my lazy ass and update

Mercy is semi-aware, so why would I have the comic any other way?

If money can't solve the problem, cheese will :)

At some point, BuddyT and I will need to make these two characters meet and see what sort of Chenanigans they'll get themselves into
> If you don't like his reply, you can always just leave
>Sit down and process what he said before doing something rash