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18 years old, girl.

Love drama, romance and fantasy. K-pop addicted.
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hey guyz
i'm here with my new tablet :D
i'm already working on the new version of PARAXPARA
so wait a little longer, please?
Eu li isso antes de todo mundo~ Nananana~~ SHAUSAUHSu
my friend said the same thing, for me to do both stories. one of them is a romance and the other a adventure :D okay. once i get my tablet back, i'll do both! probably one chapter of one and the one chapter of the other.
How long has it been, huh? ;A; How are you all? I missed you, really.
But I have some bad news. I'm going to delete ParaXPara. ''OTL
Yeah. I know. But I'm not giving up! It's just because the story, again, started getting confusing and out of the way if should go. I'm going to do it again, in a better and more hardworking way. Buuuut-- I wonder, you guys still wanna read it or wanna read another story?
I have Dear Prince, that I REALLY wanna do, but I was expecting to do it just after finishing ParaXPara (what's not going to happen soon)
Please, say what you think. It's REALLY important to me. ;A;
don't hate me ;A;
a speed paint for you guys QwQ <333
i'll post the pages in the weekend, okay? ~ i'm sorry for taking so long QwQ
he's so pretty QWQ
yeah.. i think lol i'm trying to post one page every two days
i totally forgot LOL

LOL she's not looking so cute that way XDD but i still like her, she's so funny
just a dead person, nothing to worry about LOL
airsee~ i want mooore >w<~
old sketch, but yeah ;w; spoiler? LOL naaah--
i'll try post another page today QwQ old pages that i haven't finished yet~~

and sorry for taking soooo loooong to post LOL i was without time >w< again
im sick ;;'''' again urgh--
OMG, i love his dad so much LOL
i told a friend that when i get 80 fans, i was going to post a colored sketch of shiiro, AND HERE IT IS <3

thank you guys so much ;w;~

Shiiroberomano Gactusu Junior III (yeah, that's his full name LOL a joke between me and my friend XD)
missed my chibis too? <3