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I am a Writer and Administrative Assistant/Marketing Consultant for an Architect. In 2002 I wrote my first draft of White Jade, my first screenplay. In 2003 I picked it back up and spent hundreds of hours adding more to it, and editing it. In 2006 I had artist Del Borovic draw me some scenes and skethes, at which point I decided to convert White Jade into a comic. I then had Del draw me the first 8 pages of the White Jade comic.
That's Amazing
What amazing colors
Scene 4
This is the Final of the Original Four Scene Drawings that I had Del do... I love this one.
The Art
Del's my Artist, thanks alot
Scene 3 of 4 Original Drawings
So here's the Third Scene Drawing that Del did for me, prior to me having her do the 8 Comic Pages.
Scene Two - Original Scene Drawings
A while back I said I wouldn't show certain Drawings of Future Scene's of the Story, but since White Jade has been put temporarily on hold, I thought i'd go ahead and start to put up the Original Scene Drawings... These are Drawings I had Del do as Visual Aids should I try and sell the White Jade Screenplay... I had her do 4 in all, and than turned to Comic Page's, which you've already seen... This is Scene Two of the Screenplay Drawings, I wont say much about the Scene, in order to maintain the Mystery of the Story
reminds me of the scene in "Hells Angel's", Howard Hughes Film, don't know if you've seen, or heard of it... In the new movie "Aviator", it is the Film that he is working on
Christmas Present
Del sent this to me as a Christmas Present this last Christmas... Just a Drawing of Ben and Naoko together at Christmas... Isn't it cool... I was very touched, and blown away
Thank You
Thank You Very Much...
Cover for Issue #2
Well, Del finished the Cover for Issue #2... I love it... We're going to be submitting the White Jade Page's to Dark Horse Comics, so, wish us Luck... And thanx for your support
Thank You
Hey guyz, how have yah been... Glad you like it, Del did a great job I think... Really like it... The original Concept Sketch is also on this Site, check out the very First Page on this site... Hey, I'll check out Deviant... I know Del has a Site there, but Maybe we'll make a White Jade one too...
Hey guyz, good news... Got some money to Del, so she was able to finish the Final First Issue Cover... Hope you like it
Works Out in the End
Thank You tRick, me too... Maybe it will, and Del and I will continue at some point... But either way, I am looking for an Artist for My New Comic, "Master's of Mars", should anyone like to submit a Sample
Cool Story
Thanx for that, but man she just Drew it like 90% the way I had Imagined it, and the other 10% she just made it even more Amazing... I mean, the Art that is
Issue #2 Concept Cover
Hey guys, I know It's been a while... Hope yer all doin well... Originally I had Del Draw me up some Cover Concepts, and this was the Second of Two... The First One was Posted way back at the Begining, think it might have been my First Post Actually... Anyway, I thought that this might be a nice Cover for Issue #2 (it would be in color though, this is just a Concept Sketch), of 6 32 Page Issues... As you know, I've only made it to Page #8 of the First Issue, and sorry for the delay on Continuing... Originally I hired Del to do some Story Board Pages for this Screenplay, then later Hired her to do these Comic Pages... Unfortunately, I can't afford to Hire her to continue, not now anyway... She's a Student, and doesn't have a lot of Money, or time, and also is working on her own Independant Projects... So at this point I'm in a tough spot... I am looking for an Artist for My Sci-Fi Series which I'd like to Post on Smack Jeeves, should any of you be Interested... And I may have to find a New Artist for White Jade, if I want to continue to Post the Story that is... Anyway, any thoughts you might have would be appreciated, and anyone that would like to maybe do some Art for My New Series, please let me know (P.S., I know it would be a shame to lose Del as my Artist for White Jade, but until I can afford to Hire her again, I guess I am)
Yeah, White Jade is a Screenplay that I've been Converting into a Comic
Del's Art/More Story...
Ok, I checked with Del Willie, and she said "It's actually all Painter 9- except for the panel borders and
text which were done in photoshop. and with a tablet, yeah."


Yeah Aemilia, I'm ready to put Del back to work as well, I'll let you know when it looks like we're goina start at it again...
That looks Permanent... Ha

How can you be charged with "plotlessness"... This is more of a Comic "Strip", isn't it