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I like to read, write, draw, and play videogames
I Love Smiles, and Zombies
I am a Man //shot
hurhur he sure is e u e
I would have told ya but then...that wouldn't have been fun BD
xDD derp derp derp e u e this makes me lol~
and yes > u > sometimes~
lolol o u o you go do that > u <
o A o shocking
lol o n o;;
fffloloh Keiran = u = you make me lol~
= u = I love him he's so cool~
Yes, it kinda is, lol. Manly Females are called Bosses = u =
LOL yes xD
Percy ultra loving = u = I'm loving him even more xDD funny word
Nawww~ such a good friend //shot

Oh and I take notice from about anything = u = I'm smarts~
Lolaawwwww Ichiro

So confusing @ A @ but it's true that Nami is the manliest woMAN, lol~
Real men cry, so when Ichiro or Hisoka or any men cry they be manly = w = except Takao. If he cried it'd be too cute = u = I'd feel like hugging him, not patting him on the back //shot
Omg Percy~ I love you xDD oh dude, lol.
Mustaches are funny
Penis Artifacts are funnier = u =
Oh and yes, everyone loves Percy < w > especially after this.
Oh man oh man what could it possibly be~
and omg Mustache dude, //LeGasps
Ffff- Percy's too cute, dude for to get on anybody's nerves. Unless a "normal" AnimeUnKnowing person was reading. < A > but what are the chances of that //shot
> w < lol Percy better be careful then~
...I have just realized how white Iram is xDD I mean...lolwhat

Iram looks so sad and confused ; A ;
And yes, Keiran is full of Awesomeness xD
Omg Percy's my favorite, he's too cute, and who doesn't like Indy xD He's so cool, lolwhat.
And omg this cover, too cool for school, dude. Niceness

P.S Curiosity Kills cats ; n ; so I hear
Omg I had this open for about 30 minutes xD not knowing it was open
I do feel a little sorry for Takao, but only a little, lol.

Ichigo looks...manly > w > lolol
Hahahaha oh man oh man xDD Iram don't Assume things, lolol.

Oh man Kieran I love you xD
Omg Hisoka > w < too cute face, stop you're going to make me die laughing xDD

Takao you poor cursed person you. //patpat
I can tell, lol. I mean look at that face > w > his mind is spinning with ideas xD Poor Kei having to deal with such a perv.
Omg So, Nobody Heard?! B-but I heard > w > you busted, Eh~
Lol, jk jk.
Oh man Oh man, lol. He won 2 Manly points :3 lurhur
< w > You can't make Takao Manly, he's too cute....and Nice, lolol.
Maybe if he doesn't try to be manly he'll be manly lolol > w <
ANYWAYS!~ Super cute
what what