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Fantastic page as always. I feel like I saw this earlier, somehow, but I don't recall how. Probably just the wacky schedule making days hard to tell apart. Anyway, great page, and I'm glad to see that Nelson was not entirely privy. I agree with Yayness that it's a difficult thing to confront someone about something like that. Also, thank you for pointing out the post of the soundtrack, Mr. Twist.
What I must wonder is if this is the ending or not. If it is, the story is positive. If not, well... who's to say. Good job on all the detail, and with yet another full body shot. (3, actually, in this page! But I"m sure you're most worried about the biggest one there.) It really did turn out well, and I always love your attention to detail. Excellent as always, H0ly!
Dear Lord, H0ly, the eyes! You do such a good job with expressions! It pleases me to see them conveyed so well through art. Excellent work as always, and I must congratulate you on your ability to convey an entire expression with just one panel of a single eye. Great work.
Excellent work again, especially with the body and poses. Xanthe seems confident, at least. Good work on the detailed wings especially in the workings of the mechanism she's got there. Good to see her smile, as well. Interesting... wings are quite large, though I'm not sure how well this will work... Eager to see the outcome.
Also, a question. When you say you want the bag, do you mean the bag itself, or the bag with the wings included?
It does appear to be Patrick and Alexander there. Clothes also appear to be changed, as Melanie is wearing something else now. (similar color, but different clothing, certainly.) The half-body seems like Andy to me, just by body type. We'll find out soon, anyway!
What is interesting is that no, I didn't really see it... not at first. I went back and looked. Yeah. Look at that next panel there. You know, where he's clearly holding the second pokeball in his hand, using it to gesture? Yeah. I missed that.
Also, in response to something a few pages ago... as soon as page 23, Atticus had already used Dragonthing to light a cigarette:
Fun! Excellent once again, H0ly.

I do see what you're saying, and Mr. Twist is a writer that could throw in something like that, but if you look at Melanie's explanation on this page: There doesn't seem to be a disconnect in her breaking up with Devon and her getting beaten. In fact, there isn't much room in her explanation for her leaving or anyone else being the culprit, from what I can see.
I have to say, this is fucking amazing and I love Peter, come what may. Rock on, Mr. Twist. Your stories have kept me company for many months, now, and I will continue to look forward to more.
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