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April 1st, 2013
Okay, so of course I ship Jude&Lee. They're sdkjflksjdf <3333
but I also kind of ship Lee with Everett, ngl. I get excited every time he appears! He's just such a cutie. &so unabashedly affectionate! I reeeaaally love those types. ♥
hahahaha, omfg, I like her way of thinking! ♥
also, Felana looks like she's gazing into Tabbi's boobs
Idon'tblameher, ohoho
great page <333

super congrats on your comic! 8D
I never finish anything ovo;
oops, that was me ♥ haha
@SIDEPROJECT: Riiight? C8 itwaswaytoofuntodraw
Gahaha, thanks!
@burgerpoo: sure, that would be totally great. CB waaahh, you're fast!
Hahahaha, yeah, she'll be alright. ovo
@Rumiel: wahh, you're right! &it's the best part, too! I'll edit it in when it's morningg
@burgerpoo: thank yooouuu 8D
@SIDEPROJECT: eee, thanks, I love drawing Felana. c: yay holidays ♥
pretty girls all over the place
look, I shaded kinda
because I got to draw pretty girls
hope I got everything rightish, hahaa c:
I wanted to do a quick holiday drawing okay c:
so yay, have fun with whatever it is you celebrate!
I finished this like an hour after Christmas ended boohoo

also Felana was more than likely forced into the hat.

I'm working on a page. (: It'll probably be up sooon
Your style is cute cute cute!
what are locations, I understand, haha
Ee, thank you! CB
Ohh my gosh, sooo cuuute! ♥
cute girls are outside.
oh my goodness.

also I can't draw interiors orz
or exteriors, really.
Eeeeek, thanks guys! o//v//o ♥
&I know what you mean about exams, eeheehee. I should probs be studying, oops.
Ghhuuu ;v;
everyone is so cute, aaaahhhhhh!
Hi, I'm new. c:
This is Felana. Felana has no shading today, because I'm tired &I'm about to go to bed, ahaha. I hope she'll get along with everyone. ♥

Name: Felana.
Animal Type: Aye-Aye Lemur.
Age: Nineteen.
Height: 5'6"
Bra Size: 32A or B. She's kind of between sizes at the moment, ahaha.
Position: Seke.
Likes: New things, cute things, company, music, bright colors, sunlight, warmth, snuggling, standing on her tip-toes, &excitement.
Dislikes: Brushing her hair, wearing shoes, talking about anything that actually matters, the cold.
Personality: She's mostly really quiet &observant, but she doesn't necessarily keep to herself. She likes being around other people, although she doesn't always like to admit it. She's a little bit hyper, even though she tries to hold herself down. A lot of what she is on the inside, super interested in everything around her, &always wanting to jump around, isn't always something that people see right away. She's kind of secretly shy but she likes to pretend she's a badass.
Extra: She fiddles with things a lot, especially with her hands, &when it gets really warm, her hair starts to curl, oops.
So half the time, I kind of feel like Jacob's secretly an axe-murderer. 8|

...Just putting that out there.
Giggling at Chakin's cuteness.