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I like to read comics but I would probably fail at making one. I don't know. I might try.


Is now trying to make one, will probably fail. XD
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O_________O woaaa i've never seen/read my name anywhere O: except you spelled it wrong it's BETSY. jeezzz
and I know i'm hot
is awesome so far plz update n__n
February 19th, 2011
Me tooo! That's so weird. Go us XD
I love the way you drew the trees! ♥
Omg NNthoay was a scrooge and he got the awesome charizard rap! D:<
Lol, thanks gais! XD
Y'all probably already have one and they're telling you to get another. x3
For mind-controlling squid hat sexy tiems.
Good job! ^-^ I really like the colours, they're cool, yet you can tell it's sunny C:
January 31st, 2011
Awesome so far! Lol sexy volvo <3
I like how you drew the trees all silhouette-y X3
Thanks! I'm glad you do. ^-^
Awesome! You did a much better job at making her look insane. XD

*drools over neat lines*
*_* Oomg! Well done!! <33
It look so awesome C:
I really like how the colourings soft, yet bold. If that makes sense o-o.
Also the lighting! -dies-
-lifts hood of mystery-
Twas me! XD
Btw thanks ninjies and alkseeyaKC!<3
Of course you can vapidity, just let me change the name first XD.
Would it be alright if I uploaded it deviantart too? c:
Awwww! She's so cute! >3< Thanks secret santa! -hugs- <33333 Merry christmas! C:
<3 >3<
Awesome sketch btw, the troll was fun to colour.X3
...OMG *drool*
O_O You did such an awesome job! <3333

*stares* O:
Thanks! :D <3
Personally I think the zebra is the awesomest...I mean come on look at it....
I don't even know if it was meant to be dead or a coat or something. o-o Wtf XD
Aww! So cute! ^-^