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I never know what to write on descriptions of myself...
I guess I like tea and comics?
I also like making books such as printing, binding, and screenprinting.
You can head over to my DA to see some of those books.

My websites:
Purpleteddi> Thanks for your babblings! On the other posts too!! I love reading them!

You know there are always those plots where a stranger would randomly kiss another stranger because he thinks the other person is cute. I almost used it myself (haha) but realistically, I'd think of that as sexual harassment. They should always get to know each other before doing the next step! At least they got to hold hands~
I got busy and forgot to update, and the pages were stuck on the other computer....

So to make up for it, I'm gonna post the rest of this story all at once! There aren't much anyway. :) Enjoy!
Mr. Atagoooooo
Names are irrelevant in this story.
I feel like this man in white is the whole reason why this comic is awesome.
Previously in my comic in Ventiquattr'ore su Ventiquattro, he furiously denied to be part of the mafia.
Even though initially the theme was decided to be "mafia" but by this page it's more like "what mafia lol"
September 30th, 2010
Poutine is cheese curds and gravy over fries :D
There is also a similar thing called the works, which is chili, sour cream, green onion over fries.

Just with this, this comic just got more Canadian unknowingly 8D ha ha ha
September 29th, 2010
I can't say that this isn't inspired by Hijikata (Gintama)
I like fries with mayonnaise, but not that much. I would buy that Kewpie brand mayonnaise if it isn't at least double the price of regular mayonnaise.
I have heard of people who put ketchup in absolutely everything they eat too, including salad and soup.... I just find that kind of gross.
So does that mean I think these two guys are gross? POSSIBLY.
Hi there!
This comic is really short and random, so don't expect too much. ha ha
Why is the girl taking a photo all of a sudden? XD
The end indeed
Thanks for your hard work everyone!
You made it to the last page!
m(_ _)m Thank you for reading!

They do have names. Reese is actually named after a Reese's pieces retro-coloured crochet bear. Although I'm not sure which Reese came first. I think may be FakeCamel named both of them. Reese (bear) has a twin that I was gonna sell at a craft show, but FakeCamel named it Matchstick therefore I can't sell off the twin. NOOOOOooo $$$$

I'm not sure if there is going to be a second part to this story, I planned it at some point, but I think I just got distracted by other comic projects. If it happens, I will definitely post them.

I have some other comics at my website. Mostly Tenipuri comics, if you're interested, please take a look!
I wouldn't be sad about the extra can either 8D But we aren't love-struck like he is. Now I think of it, he should think positively like, "YAY I can give this to Reese!" 8D
Oh well.

The pigeon is just trying to help!

I don't know what happens if he doesn't confess... Too sad if he hides his feelings.
Yes! That's "YES SIR!"

Yeah! Pigeon is pretty awesome!
I enjoyed drawing that hair. XD
(no it was a lie, I enjoyed drawing megane boy more)
Thanks for your comments everyone T3T
=^o^= *blushes*
It's not daily? only twice a week. XD
I have had bird poop on my head too.. I try not to think about it. HA HA HA

Did you read my other stuff before??????
I'm not sure whether they need their names. XD;

Drawing pigeons was fun! I can make their unfocused eyes very funny looking!
@cliffi @Dopamine
Thanks for your comments!

I can't remember that pigeon lady. O_O;; It was too long since I have watch it!
Thanks for your comment!