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this is so adorable- makes me wanna make something for my partner as well. <3 ;A;
June 15th, 2010
it's totally cool & well good luck with all that 'kid.
I was supposed to be out this summer getting a job myself
... but... yeah- I wasn't very motivated to.
(damn my procrastination.) >A>

this summer imma probably be off days/weeks at a time too (just doin summery stuff),
though I'll have time at Lied for sure.
& definitely, credit for that goes to tayluuhhhrr. :D
June 11th, 2010
@ sunny: oheeey! I had no idea you were one of my watchers. ;u; <3
Why thank you. & I really am happy that you like her.


@ flypie: THANKS! =]
your comment made me smile too much and now my face hurts. =I
June 11th, 2010
FORGOT to mention this- Dice likes to wear cowboy boots & she always has that bootlace choker & puppy hat on. =)
on her right arm would be a couple of the bracelets that Moo has given her. & Yes those are striped knee socks.

Name: Dice
Age: 17, soon 18
Gender: female:
Orientation: straight...
Animal: misc. puppy dog :D

Personality: super friendly, nice, and outgoing. Frequently hits on the guys in Lied no matter the age difference, etc. and even though she claims to be straight- occasionally the girls, but it'd probably be vague or ambiguous. She always gives out hugs and (cheek) kisses; only to her friends and not strangers. Boy-crazy, funny, every other word that leaves her mouth is a swear (but not in a negative way since she's not an angry person). Dice doesn't seem to be with the group frequently but she does show up when necessary or just at random.
She’s the daughter of Moo’s foster parents and they’ve become the best of friends... there’s no attraction or romance between them at all. & she does dress a bit weird, but who doesn’t? Used to get made fun of all the time when she was younger, now it’s not as bad.

TBH that smile on the top right is a little ooc. She would have a wider, sweeter looking smile. uhm I didn't write a bio 'cause I don't think it would really matter since she's minor.

& god I’ve gotta remake Moo’s ref soon too. =P
June 10th, 2010
Ownsome page- I like it. c:
& I love your style.
@pysco: Wowie, thanks! :D
How adorable. +u+
Me an' Taylor are doing an art trade and this is what I made for her. Thought I'd share it here as well. <3

It's Zee ... eating fresh shark... What? No, your FACE doesn't make sense. (=
Thank you! Ahh I love yoo jin. <33

I'm actually gonna start working on a little drawing of her and moo together. (=
@ Kris:

Moo would love to share with Clair. c:

Actually I don't even know what his weapon will be in the end... for now it's that thing up there. =u=
I want to give him something heavy though. :D
@ Rajay:
Haha, yeah. I'm gonna re-title this with that btw. <3
I dunno why I named him Moo. >u>

And thank you very much.
You can't really tell his colors with the scan.. I don't usually do scans for drawings but eh, it was necessary. =)
Cozzie shared some of her shrooms with Moo so they suddenly attained the magical ability of EPIC HIGH FIVE!

Thought I'd add this here since I've been neglecting Lied.
Name: Moo
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Animal: dinosaur
Personality: "Cute" , playful, but reckless and fiercely destructive. He’s also a pervert at times (to nearly anyone). Extremely happy, but can get scary if necessary.
Bio: Moo is a kandi kid who never goes by his real name. He has spiderbites (a type of piercing) on the left side of his lips.
Growing up, he played all sorts of gory videogames & watched a ton of his older brothers’ videotapes. Many of which were strange underground movies as well as just plain pornography. That obviously corrupted his teenage years.
When high school came around and Moo was 14, he figured out that he liked boys, too. From then on, he was outwardly bisexual. He doesn’t believe in love, but rather enjoys his runs with lust. He also does drugs, usually just ecstasy. He regularly attends raves, and that’s the type of music you’ll find him listening to.
Still, things get repetitive and boring fast. So one day while skipping school, he ran into the group and decided to join up after hearing rumors about them throughout the town.

And plenty more...

So sorry for the cruddy looking reference, I had to do with the little time I had while doing this. =I
May 29th, 2010
Awhaha, that's so cute.
I love it.
aaah, he's so cute. <:
Looking forward to more. +u+ <3

Your art is so lovely.