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Isn't there a pink "female" Celibi somewhere? Or is that game only and not part of this universe?
I got a question for him, If this is PMD world which is different from the normal pokemon world, how did humans influence Lugia and Ho-oh? Wouldn't it have been other pokemon fault.
Why didn't Ket question the fact she was in this comic twice?
You know, I don't think Shard and Kumori are humans, so why does Celibi refer to them as humans?
Kumori is like the opposite of Ket, unshippable with everything.
November 22nd, 2013
@Shard: Thats cause Ket can be shipped with everyone, maybe you should stop making such shippable characters?
You know, if Kumori just happened to stumble in on her sister crying in front of a guy she warned to stay away from her, things could get rather dark.
Hey Niv, you should really ask Z for help, something tells me it work out for the best that way.
But Shard, is his tail as fluffy as Blue's? Cause Warturtles' got some fluffy tails.
Blue its ok, the attack Frustration should be maxed out for you now, see silver lining to everything.
Every time I see shard, I just assume the page titles are song's she is singing in her head and they happen to be going in pace with whats happening.
I feel like this chapter is just to put a stop to the shipping, but shipping shall never die! You cannot silence the shippers, it only makes them stronger!
Wait, Pink only matched Deyoxs? and she didn't BEAT him. So she is mortal.
I guess since I didn't vote, I'll do it now, Ket digivolves to Angelwomon and then curb stomps that other ultimate.
@Shard: Can I say he reminds me of Grunty the Witch?
With the amount of happy this togipi must be feeling how has he not evolved? Or is this running on the IQ factor instead of the happiness, which makes me wonder, are the unevlolved happy pokemon all just really stupid, or average and the evolved ones are smarter or above average, and then i question, why do I even care.
And I think we all know who hates Ket, the author of her misadventures of course. Well, not hate, enjoys to see her suffer at least.
How did Slashman know what he was thinking during the fight?
Wait, I just thought, if there are alternate Glandors, Ruphhs and stuff, are there alternate Kets who traverse the 4th wall for evil?