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Description: Resident squirrel. Along with a muse squirrel (named Risu).
Hobbies: Art, when I have the time (that means officially never).
Occupation: Reluctant student.
Location: ...Thinking about stalking me? The everloving hell no.
Oh my gosh. The bird-I mean, the dragon! So cute! >w<''

Uwah~ Am so glad I stumbled upon this manga again! **laughs** You have improved so much over the months - it will be a joy to be continue following your work. =D
T-This...**LAUGHS** Oh, that is just precious. Even more so than the previous humorous pages. XD
"With a bit of sprinkle power, he will be all yours! <3"

**DIES LAUGHING** Ah~ I like this mother. Amusing personality. And with a sharp sense, too.

Unlike her son. (Oh, he got the amusing part, just not the wit.) **snickers**