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I was so calm then SUDDENLY STRIDERS.
This Bloody Song
It is way too catchy. I was determined to not like it but THEN 2 of my best friends made me listen to it non stop and then again at Uni...Now I'm hooked on it :I
I apologise about the quality, my scanner is throwing a hissy fit and not working
This happens to me at LEAST once a week...One day I will stand on my craft knife.
Or remember to put the lid on.
I'm still working on getting it back
But I'm getting closer and closer!
So my hair likes to irritate me...I like my hair when it is big and untidy looking but OF COURSE that only happens if I leave it for a few days which, of course, results in slightly manky but BIG hair :I

For once hair. WORK WITH ME.
A wee small introduction
Hello! I am Lizzie, 19, illustration student.
Born and living in North West England.

I will try to be interesting and funny but I may be a bit hit and miss!
That ponytail is one of the best things I have seen in days :D
January 27th, 2011
ooooh that kiss *0* I wish I could draw kisses that well!
That last pannel has made my day/week :D
Noooo! Last page is going to make me sob D':
Christmas wishes
First christmas wish - ALL of Haru's Mum's aprons XD they're so brilliant!

Second christmas wish - Never eeend ;____;
Awwww so cute!
Haru is a PERFECT uke in my opinion! And Shiratori is a brilliant seme ;D

You keep doing your thiiing! :D
*squeels* This is just so damn cuuuute!
Makes me feel all fluttery :D
YESSSS! I feel like my whole year has been leading up to this point hahaha XD
How on earth will he react?!
Ahh! I was so excited to see you'd updated! :D
Nuuuh this conversation is going perfectly! XD
I love that last panel so damn much! <3
October 12th, 2010
Bless! Poor Eric XD
gnehjbfjhsbf OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH expand those horizons!
*eagerly anticipating the next page*
I'm loving those bed sheets!
And well. . .EVERYTHING about the colouring on this page X3
Those screentones are so damn sexy *licks page*

Enjoy guys!