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Let me guess, you've been so busy going to the beach and stuff that you forgot us poor fans who have no life? :P Anyway, I'll drive you around more often if it means getting a new comic ever couple of months. Keep 'em coming!
Glad to see things moving along once again. 'Twill be interesting to see where this goes: the heroes on the run from the cops while they try to chase down the man who killed their fridge...
So it hasn't been handed to a new author...wait, that means it's been the monkeys with typewriters all along, doesn't it! Gah, I can't believe I've been fooled!

Oh well. Guess I can live with that. You'll have to give Frankie a banana for me. He's such a good chimp.

By the way, we had to have a meeting at the church with Steve today, which really frightened me. I mean, just considering how he acts on normal days...Fortunately we were too busy for things to get too out of hand.
What about pie? Chucking pies is fun....Though not the apple, as it's better to eat instead. Anyway, don't worry about being busy. We've all been there, done that. Least I have. And that's all that matters. But honestly, it is a lame excuse. I've got about 4 scholarship essays to do and you don't see me skipping video games now, do you? Priorities, man!
w00t for singles!
I've added you, but the evil Trillian/MSN glitch seems to have struck again. I've never seen you on. maybe I'll have to break down and use Trillian again...Oh well.
December 29th, 2006
There's always pillaging, looting, and selling "Rolexes" on any street in New York...That generally works. I think.
So I would guess that Josh must be, er, narcoleptic or something? Is he all better now? Glad to see the comics back again. I was never scared...
Ooh, idea!
I would so buy a shirt with a pic of a Green mage or two on the front, probably using Happy Spell and Magic Spoon, then with the hitchhiker explanation and the insert gil logo on the back. It would be so pwn all teh other junk out there!
Coffee cup all the way...

Honestly I can always use a new T shirt. You could use the banner from the top and that would be good. Or just showing the characters in battle formation with some Green Mages across from them.
Yeah, those things are certainly pretty strange. Ever wondered wy one can carry only 99 potions but can also carry 99 Tower Shields?

Of course physics do explain nearly everthing, so I'm sure that it will eventually make sense. Yeah, really.
October 16th, 2006
Great work, JPatch! Been following the comic for quite some time, just haven't gotten around to posting. It's most certainly one of the better onesout there. Glad to see comments by others that prove a few people out there have good taste!