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I am working on re-drawing my comics, so I'll be deleting and reposting them at some point in the future.
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April 15th, 2013
I had a dream that Tommy got a bowl cut.

It was really weird.
Well that escalated quickly. Lol.
December 9th, 2012
Long finger is long.
Lady's must love Samsol for that index finger~
February 22nd, 2012
You go ghost-moma! You put that naughty bunny in a time-out!
Tommy is a poop.
And Dake is an angsty butt.
-rolls around-
I sent my money the second I saw your post on dA. I am SO stoked. I'm going to covet this comic and brag to my gay friend (whom loves your characters) and not let him read it. >D
January 15th, 2012
I'm sorry everyone is treating you like shit.
It's your comic and you have a right to to whatever you want, be that ending it or fuck-stucking it (idr homestuck).
If it's a joke then you got everyone pretty good, but I don't see why everyone feels the need to say "omg why are you trolling us" like they all know it's a joke. For all we know this is a compilation of doodles you had and this really is how you're going to end it.

We, as fans, have no right to tell you to keep going or to stop doing something in your story.

And people calling this a cry for attention is just bullshit.

I still love you. xD
January 7th, 2012
He's totally gonna get the "molest" option right~?
January 7th, 2012
Oh my jeezus, that is fluffy and fantastic.
I seriously didn't see that coming. ♥
January 7th, 2012
This looks like a pretty dark story.
Very nifty.
It's a shame that it's discontinued.
January 7th, 2012
I usually tend to refrain from commenting because all I have is "ooh I like panel #_ a lot" or something else to that effect.
It certainly doesn't help that I hardly have time to get online anymore, haha.

Not getting to see the response to your creation is indeed discouraging, and it makes your consideration to quit totally understandable.
I, personally, will be going with the generic "no don't go" argument though.
It is entirely up to you, but I'd definitely be sad to see this series go. I was losing my mind waiting for this last couple pages. Watching what Herz is going through is fucking magic and I am/was eagerly awaiting the stories behind the other characters. I love your style, your story, the way you portray your characters so animatedly.
Seriously, I'm at a loss of words to express why/how much I like this story (then again I'm usually at a loss for words about anything). This will stay on my favorites forever though.

If you choose to end it, c'est la vie. It is your choice and you have the absolute right to do so.
If you choose to continue, I promise to put comments on every page, even if they are completely asinine "oh this is pretty" type comments.

Good luck in the future~♥
November 29th, 2011
I want to squish the hell out of Pepper~
He's so tiny and vulnerable. xD
All hail the might penis and anal bead medallion of power.

Do you live in IDAHO????
It's been raining here for two days straight as well!
Oh...Tommy's face is pure gold.
I don't understand why they would protest the condom. There's reason for it, and I think it's refreshing to see something that's fantasy-esque and doesn't just go "STDS DONT EXIST IN MAGICLAND"
I just keep rereading this page.
I have no idea why it amuses me so thoroughly.
Oh Tommy, your pervy dorky grins amuse me.
Okay, I know I'm way to into this story now.
My brain seriously tried to fabricate pages for me tor read while I was asleep.