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I have a rather unique way of speaking... I have it censored of course on kiddie sites, but if I feel like typing weird, I will. Deal, or don't talk to me.

Obsessions: Pokemon (Manga and Game-verse, not the Anime).
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Don't know what you're talking about there, the chapter was awesome. Felt bad for Atty being such a bad trainer though. Loved how all of the other characters were so anime-accurate, including useless and oblivious. Perf.
Oh yeah, the comic's back! I wasn't expecting to read any new pages, so this is a great surprise.
Does anyone know what happened to Catharsis Comic? Why it's unavailable?
Frick yeah
Yeahhh, Zubats! I fricking love Zubats. Doesn't everyone?
I like how the nurse genuinely cares for Atty's Pokémon. This makes me really want to play Kanto again.
That Poliwhirl makes me want to watch Star Trek. Cheers.
January 12th, 2013
I think she's more of an Indigo.
Actually, while it's true that I'm horrible at drawing creatures facing right, I can't draw people at all.