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I think life's going to be ok from now on :D
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December 23rd, 2012
Smoooooooooooth ;)
We are being entirely spoilt by all these amazing pages! <3
Glory is such a fantastic name. I have been waiting for him for aggessss! Very excited :)
August 31st, 2012
My weakness is floor-plans. I love them! <3 This one in particular looks really cool. I like the way it's laid out and everything. Thanks for the help to visualise the world better. :)
@ Keishi-Chan: For a moment I also thought she was suddenly going to be evil. But then I figured she must be there for when he dies- so they can be together?
Unless she's secretly behind everything! XD
Everything about this page is gorgeous!
I'm half convinced there are several people sharing kurogawa's account or something XD
He's gorgeous though (L).(L)
October 30th, 2011
Just read through the whole comic. Everything is amazing :3 The lighting, action and expression are all flawless and I'm looking forward to more pages soon! <3
August 21st, 2011
I wish my bedhead was as sparkly as that! :O
Now I'll have to buy the new version as well when it's redrawn XD Looking forward to it!
I love his hair -_- Yum~
I love everything about this comic :D Can't wait to read more!
See the women that are also in the page? Do they relate to the children on the same row as them? :)
This is getting good ;) I love the way you draw people/anatomy. It's awesome :3
March 1st, 2011
The heart shaped bubble is adorable :3
Lovely drawings :) I love Daniel in this.
I love these too so much. :3
Addie looks gorgeous in the new style. Everyone does! :3
There are not enough words to describe how much I love his hair XD