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I like this one. It's interesting and the expressions and interactions make them kind of endearing for me (then oh shit, Jynx! Nooo! Grandpappy Vanilluxe! *cries*). I wasn't too thrilled with Vanillish and its evolutions for the longest time but I've started to have a better opinion on them and this comic is helping with that! I haven't raised one myself but I might try if they're available in Black and White 2.
yay! new page!! *flails* I think you meant "We're better off" not sure if there's anything you can do but just thought it wouldn't hurt to point it out.
I never noticed that Thad has only one arm!! MIND. BLOWN.
now I'm imagining Trix and Thad saying the motto in Jessie and James' voice!! XD this is a great comic!!
well I was able to recognize that it was Calvin and Hobbes style so I'd say... maybe a 7!