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Willie the Worm
I'm twenty eight years old. Comics are the love of my life. I had a publishing deal with two small companies and both time the deal fell through. I've excepted that it will pobably never happen now. But hey I can still post here and feel like I've accomplished something. Any way my old comic was the Dimension Kid it did pretty well. I will never repost it. I have a bad taste in my mouth from my faild publishing endevers. I've changed my style some and now I'm just going to do fun stuff. So thanks and enjoy MY EVIL ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    William R. Palacio
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New comic
Hey, guys here is the second installment of the Bill Gates saga hope you enjoy. Check out our new website Ani did a fab job on this so stay tuned to see more of her wonderfull artwork.
I like where this is going
Hey that's a big bird lol...I like the last panel the best
Yeah it looks like he is being blown away in to some kind of mist. It looks cool though
Yeah right you can trust him
cool I'll do that
That's the way I get with donuts.
Ani did an awsome job on this one. Hope you enjoy stay tuned
It's like a dark Alice in Wonderland
I think it looks great.
I love your painted pages
Great writing as well.
Wonderful artwork....
Awsome artwork!
Tough call.....I would have stayed
Haaa.... when that dude gets back to his own body again he's going to be in serious trouble.
I love it the black knight waking up as a slacker....funny
Hmmm....the best part of waking up is some hot chicks butt....come on sing along now...