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Call meh Yukino.
'm 16 years young, 'n just another ( attempting ) webcomicer like that rest of ya out there.
I'm Asian, Chinese to be specific.
So all 'n all, I hope to expand my experience and horizon here!
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August 3rd, 2011
The Last (maybe)
The last page of this chapter, finally.
Whew it was long compared to the rest.
And possibly the last page of this webcomic for a while.
Please refer to the news post if you'd like more info~
July 29th, 2011
I finally get to draw Shuumi again~
She's showed up, what, four or five times so far
compared to the page-hogging Nao, Tomo, and Grae?
lol. Ya.
July 22nd, 2011
Just to clarify since my art is sucky, in the three consecutive panels, Grae's holding a lighter.
And what's really happening to the sword? The fire is eating it, srsly.

I know I said I was gonna try black and white, but crap, the pages look incomplete without some tones.
So I'm a liar. It's the return of the screentones OTL;

EDIT: Wups, almost forgot the blood on Tomo's face
July 13th, 2011
I'm alive!
This page didn't actually take all that long to do...
I just had to find the modivation to work on it OTL;;
//20 day phail

Anywho, I think I'm gonna try black and white for a while. I don't really like toning, and it's hard to do D: So black and white it is.
June 24th, 2011
Thank you :>
June 22nd, 2011
I'm a crappy toner, and a lazy artist, so I was really considering make RELOAD a black and white comic, lol.
In fact, I stared at this page while it was still black and white and really thought I should upload it as it was D8.
But I didn't u_u;

Who knows, tho, in the future I really might stop toning altogether <_<>_>

Oya, with reguards to whats happening in this page, I think you can all guess whats going to happen next >:^D
June 15th, 2011
Tomo's really stupid, lol.
He got caught so easily u_u;;
June 10th, 2011
Fugly action scene XD;

Changed lineart style again : / I'm debating whether I like this style or the style of the page before better. I'm leanin' toward the page before. Which one looks better o_O?

Anyway, just to clarify, the (crappily drawn) knife he notices under the table is the one Nao dropped earlier, not the one she just threw. Not that it really matters though~
Whew, thats good to hear =u=

@ PlatinumMonster: Daww, thanks ;u;
Bad art is bad.
If you didn't get what just happened, it's because my art is terrible OTL;;
Holy crap the art is a lot cleaner in this one.
This is what I wish all my pages looked like instead of the usually messy crap OTL;;

Yah, baseball bat vs sword!
I'm trying to be faster with updates, otherwise my modivation will lose its momentum

//phail OTL;;;
I thought I was never going to draw another page of this, but six monthes later here I am OTL;;
November 25th, 2010
I haven't have much time to make pages lately, sorryz `_`; But finally, heres one more page out OTL
October 26th, 2010
ohoho, there's a reason why the baseballs team aim sucks XD
It shall be revealed later.

As for who told Nao not to move, that was Shuumi, I guess I didn't make the commuication very obvious ` ^ `; She said it through an ear piece.
October 25th, 2010
I couldn't get the toning quite how I wanted it, nor the perspective of the ball : /

This page will bother me until I fix it, assuming that I ever do, but for the sake of getting out a new page, here it is~.

I can already see how much I suck at action of any kind ` ^ `
October 25th, 2010
lmaooo xD
Her expression got a bit messed up when I edited the page =_=;
But I thought the same thing to myself when I finished the page, but then I realized that she doesn't shoot it so it doesn't matter anyway XD
/too lazy to fix it
October 24th, 2010
But ya, you're right : /
My tonings really inconsistent, so hopefully I'll settle on a style soon that fits the art better o-o;;
October 23rd, 2010
Enter, Shuumi!
For those of you who noticed her name mentioned either as "Shuumi" or "Shuu", now you know she actually exist, lmao.

For some reason, I had to use a lotta layers for each panel with her in it OTL. That and, I cant draw guns
October 19th, 2010
lucky lucky~
I'm 16 and jobless xD;