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Moved to PolarStar, bitches. Send everything there.
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From left to right: Psyche, Reign, Gata, person who I don't know (might be Blixx), Mike, Slash, Bea and Dani.
I'm pretty sure I recognize seven of those silhouettes.

No idea who the one above Radd is though.
Ohey new banner.

I liked the old one better ;.;
Seeing as you're closing up soon, I'll ask one more question:

You've been on Smackjeeves for almost six years now, which is a lot longer than most other people. Do you regret staying for so long?
@Shard: It's not like any of us have seen Ket as a six year old before.
You should try and make him look less like a generic Sniper Joe.
@nyancat6650: Coincidence?~
The old one looks better.
*doesn't recognize either of them*
"Quick! I'll hold him down, you kick him in the balls!"
I said HIS left. Not our left.
The pants are shaded wrong. His left one should have the brighter shade on it, as it's closer to us.
Better, although he looks like he's 10.
The light source on the shirt is different to the rest of the sprite. You need to shade it so that the light is coming from the top left.
@Muddykip64: Send me your sprite sheet, I'll give it a shot.
Resizing. Learn to do it properly.