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I like pie :3
Games are fun.
I'm scared of buttons
I only wear odd socks.
I forget things.
I get distracted way too--
"Oh Yeah!"
The old picture of Jeff reminded me of the Kool Aid guy ^^
Dude! Where's her glasses?
She can't see a thing without her glasses! D8
Reminds me of Spyro XD

Poor little bugger found out that dreadful day that he wasn't actually a dragonfly D':
8D Thanks!
(Though she looks more emo than anything XD)

Hoping to get back to this comic soon~
Hiatused for school works D8
Well done! 8D
I type in 'Half Death' to Google and it links me to this specific page before it does the actual site

...I bet it's because you can read his shirt 8D
I'm liking the look of the different perspectives in the frames :D

D8 Hiatus!! *sad*
But I completely understand :[
This page looks brilliant!
Damn you, Corel Painter...
...and your inability to make CURVY LINES!
My shaky drawing hand can't draw circles on it's own you know!
Immediate liking of the girl in the glasses XD
XD Thanks!
lol XD
yeah, I suppose sanity is the entry price for a place like this X3
*crosses fingers* come ooon sociopath!
XD awesome page! Can't wait for more!
'twas a little annoying, yes ^^; but oh well :3
First half is really good, second half gets kind of FUBAR ^^;
That's how I felt about Oasis cigarettes.
Not to smoke. Just to have.

...because they were endorsed by Rod Serling
and he has an AWESOME voice.
Reminds me of Indigo prophecy in the mental asylum XD