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Still Working On...
But, yeah, I decided Minccino needed a PMD version. Referenced the colors off of the official picture, and the other stuff off my Minccino Plushie. >w<
The base is Pluslie. I made everything else. Oh, and I still need to make a portrait. Can't forget that...

@Advertisement: Uh. yeah. o.o; Into Purrsian.
Quick one
I don't know. XD I like it, though.
I'm well aware of how long it was since anything was updated here, and for that matter, since I last logged in. ;.; Well, here's some stuff! First set (Nornden) was made with this ->
Second and third set I made last year. o.o;
On to the Pokedex Entries:


Name: Blackrin
Dex Number: #022
Type(s): Electric, Dark
Evolved from: Egg
Area: ???
Egg-group(s): Field
Ninja Pokemon
Height: 2 feet 5 inches
Weight: 15 pounds
♀50 % ♂ 50 %
There is no known gender difference.
Dex information:
Moon: This Pokemon is extremely flexible and agile; it makes the perfect Pokemon for the aspiring trainer.
Sun: Blackin sometimes gather to train, in groups no larger then 7. They can perfect their attacks within 2 months of hatching.

Name: Nornden
Dex Number: #025
Type(s): Ground, Ice
Evolved from: Egg
Area: ???
Egg-group(s): Field
Northern Pokemon
Height: 4 feet
Weight: 127 pounds
♀50 % ♂ 50 %
There is no known gender difference.
Dex information:
Moon: For a long, long time, Nornden have lived alongside humans, they are often used to carry heavy loads and are, occasionally, used to carry humans.
Sun: They live in the northern forests and mountains and are generally only hunted by the large predators; they live in herds often, grazing casually for most of the day.
Sorry for not posting sooner.
Anyway, here it is.
BTW, the orb changes colors depending what element or mood she's in...

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This sounds interesting... I'll try it...!
This can go here, right?
I'll move this if it doesn't belong... >3>;
Just what the world needed. >w>;
I'll do the attack poses later...
Oh, I'll be gone for two days next week... pardon my absence.

Ninja, please give the new author perms, thanks.
Hope I have everything here, I think I turned out rather well... I think the eyes don't look like a ghost-type's usually would, but I like to play around with things... Ah well...

Oh, and by the by, the game has just turned into a Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Moon/Sun...
<del>It's not being fickle, it's being affordable!! (which it isn't anyway!)</del>

EDIT: New website! Go look at it in a bit!

I just know this is going to turn into one of those lengthy comments, so I'll stop blathering on now... ^^;

<img src="">


Name: Darriala
Dex Number: #015
Type(s): Ghost, Flying
Evolved from: Unknown
Area: Unknown
Egg-group(s): Fairy, Amorphous
Gothic Ghost Pokémon
Height: 3 feet 2 inches
Weight: 2.1 pounds
Gender Information:
♀70 % ♂30 %
There is no known gender difference.
Dex information:
Moon: This Pokémon floats about at night seeking a worthy Trainer. It will not accept being used simply to win battles, it insists upon being a close partner to its Trainer and team-mates.
Sun: This Pokémon is said to be the ghost of a human, but whether or not this is true remains to be discovered. Darriala use their Trainer’s aura to attack.
He was rather fun to make...! I had Porygon in my head from Shinka: The Last Eevee...

I tried several different color combos, but I like the Porygon-ish one best. :3

EDIT: The eyes are from Chimchar, BTW.

Name: Scorchian
Dex Number: #004
Type(s): Fire
Evolved from: egg
Area: Unkown
Egg-groups: Field,???
Hot Scorpion Pokémon
Height: 2 feet 3 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Gender information
♀10 % ♂ 90 %
There is no known gender difference.
Dex information:

Moon: This Pokémon was said to be the result of experimentation on Porygon Z and Togetic. They tend to sting when angry. They can form very strong bonds with their trainers.
Sun: They are energetic and fast, catching one is a difficult task. They tend to be emotional and cry a lot when sad.
I waaaaaaaaant it! :3
The real starters never look as good as the fusions made from them...! >>;
Awesome~ :3
But one thing, the wing on the left side should be on the right and vice verca, other then that, it's great!
@ Ninja Kitten I like Willow :3
I was originaly thinking "thorn"...
But that's kind of Cliché, right?
Go ahead and give me an idea for a name, please~
You shal be awarded a cookie!
@ Bre
Oh you lucky duck~
Agh, I missed a Shiny Pidove a couple days ago... Bleh
This was made from scratch
And took me all day to make XD
Well, I did refrence off Ivolf, but that's beside the point. XP
Back poses coming soon!

Name: Whervak
Dex Number: #003
Type(s): Grass, Dark
Evolves from: by leveling up Ivolf to level 36
Area: Unknown
Egg-group(s): Field, Grass
Mint Werewolf Pokémon
Height: 4 feet 4 inches
Weight: 128 pounds
Dex information:
Moon: This Pokémon is feared even today, for it was once said that humans that were cursed would be reborn as this terrifying Pokémon.This tale was proven false.
Sun: Gentle in nature, this Pokémon is feared for its large teeth and claws. A glare from one of them is enough to quiet a large room.
Name: Stormyit
Dex Number: #004
Type(s): Water
Evolved from: egg
Area: Unknown
Egg-groups: Field, Water group 1
Cursed sea cat Pokémon
Height: 1 foot 2 inches
Weight: 16 pounds
Dex Information:
Moon: When a human falls into the sea on the northern end of Starry Island, a ghostly Pokémon turns them into Stormyit. These Pokémon can control waves in the Ocean.
Sun: Stormyit sit by the Ocean and howl, it is said that they remember being human and are remembering their old friends and family.
Guess what I got...?
A shiny Patrat!! Yay!

The name for Moon/Sun's region has been finally decided upon! Starry Island, it will be!

Find the stuff for it here

The once exeption to the 'an' and 'a' is the word 'herb', in stead of "a herb", the correct way to say it would be "an herb"...
Meh, last weekend I was working on Fernrir's move-sets, might as well work on that some more. BLAH.

Name: Ivolf
Dex Number: #002
Type(s): Grass
Evolved from: by leveling up a Fernrir at level 16
Area: Unknown
Egg-Groups: Field, Grass
Mint Wolf Pokémon
Height: 3 feet 6 inches
Weight: 60.8 pounds
Dex information:
Moon: Ivolf are said to be the keepers of an herb called Starsmary that only grows on Starry Island. When Ivolf come close to flowers they burst into bloom.
Sun: Many people believed Ivolf was a sign that death was on the way taking this as an ill omen, Ivolf was greatly feared. This was proven pure superstition when the Pokéball was invented.