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Well, at least they stopped bitchinh, right? Right? lol

Poor Danny, kid's making a sacrifice here and he gets laughed at. Don't worry baby I still love youuuuuuuu.

And bluh, I HATE losing stuff, it happens all the time! D:
I called it
Haha I knew this was gonna happen. But I'm mean so I voted yes anyhow. I like this guy <3
Let him staaaaaaaaaaaaay. I like making the main character a whore just to see what happens .__.
Aw Gilles, you're confusing the poor sap :c

That said, I'm pretty excited to see how this all works out~ >3<
January 18th, 2012
Ken, you're acting like a dick. >:v
But it's okay, because you're Ken, and you're just confused and scurred. /patpat

Baw, poor Peps though D:
Daaaaamn Rin why so adorable. Bluh. <3
Lovely page, as always~!

Also, sheep doesn't have a plural for some reason. Silly, isn't it.
Adgshjdfs poor Danny. The last panel had me go all "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Danny ;D;"
I relate to not being able to handle stress very well.
I must say, I do quite like Leslie's sense of humour <3
Goddammit Rodney, why do you have a whole box of this shit! >:v

I maybe feel sorry for him. Slightly. Lol.
I don´t know why but the last panel just made me giggle insanely. xD
I think it´s Zalas´ face. I just love that guy, he´s hilarious.
I completely understand. That game has me wrapped around its finger, pretty much :'D
Aw bluh, I missed the previous page. D:
Guess I've been too absorbed in Homestuck, haha. OTL

ANYHOW, on a more related note, I'm totally curious as to what'll happen on the next pages, though somehow I'm sure everything'll go wrong. |D;;
Aw bro, it better not be Skyward Sword, I gotta wait till at least next month for that one dfhjdsgfhjdgfsjh (I still gotta finish Twilight Princess though lol)

On a more related note, your art always makes me so happy. I just love the way you use colours <3

I absolutely love the look on Rod's face. Eeyup.
Haha, wouldn't that be wonderful, if we could all just transform into sheep for a while. Oh Gilles what are you getting at, realizing that Lilly's long gone!

ps. don't mean to sound nitpicky but in the second-to-last panel it's supposed to be 'compared'. <:
ACTUALLY you'd be surprised at how useful a screwdriver can be!
But ohgod Derek boy don't go starting assuming things that never goes well agdhsghdghdfgh

I'll be putting up a couple of my sketches today or tomorrow~!
Being a sheep right now would be nice. All the wool would keep us nice and warm.

And have I mentioned it before? I just adore your chibis! They're so cute.
No worries
His adorable face totally makes up for it. ;u;
Can't. Stop. Giggling.
God do I love these kinds of jokes. :'D

Awww, poor Rin. .n. And I hate it that it's nearly winter again. I don't mind the rain, you know, it's what you get when you live in this country, but it's the wind that makes everything a million times worse. :c