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music is good stuff yo
; o ; thanks for welcoming bradley to the gang guyssss <3
yeahso this is Bradley. I am proud of the hair. ;w;
that is all.

Name: Bradley. // just bradley, he has no idea what his last name is |D
Age: 16? 17? he doesn't really know, either. xD;
general info.
Bradley's mum abuses drugs and his dad pretends he doesn't exist and refuses to talk to Bradley. The only contact Bradley's parents make with him is via physical abuse. He has an anxiety/stress disorder and suffers from panic attacks. Due to his neglecting and abusive family, he wanted to find somewhere to belong and for people to acknowledge his presence, so he joined this club. He chose to have a bull hoodie, because bulls look all scary n' tough because of the horns, but they're all nice unless you piss em off(LOLOLOL). His hoodie is stitched together from pieces of random clothing. He did it himself. c;
Personality?he may appear quite scary - looking, but he's a quiet and caring boy. but he has a lot of built-up rage due to all that neglect from his parents, so yeah. he killz peoples. :3

yeah that's copied straight from my dA lmao.