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..I did this with my OTP when I read that book last year...>B>;;; /cries.
February 20th, 2011
the end of old version.
December 20th, 2010
This comic is the shiz. >:O <33
Can't wait for the next update!! :DD
*lazy with toning & shading* XD
After the first 3 panels I decided to stop trying haha. The next few pages are better and will show more effort :)

Read left to right by the way.
No tone for this page :c
I'll add it later though :)

I wanna pay more attention to actually getting more of the story out rather than on the details on each page xD
It takes too long :x

What would constitute as mature content? Like, to when I'd need to put up the warning?
Made new account :'D

& I'm real sorry if these pages don't flow as well as they used to x__x;;