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I'm your average geek girl-- I like drawing in both anime and American cartoon styles, I'm a bookworm, and I'm a gamer as well.
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February 19th, 2013
'Kay, this is pretty awesome so far. I love the style and semi-animation.
Bleh, moving in a hurry sucks. Of course, moving out very very slowly sucks as well. xD We've been out of my childhood home for two years now and have only just gotten most of our stuff out of it (we still own the house because it's be impossible to sell anything right now, so my brother and his best friend rent it out from us).
Random question, but is that an Oban Star Racers shirt?! <3
I don't think old enough to remember those... I'm going to have to find an episode or something. It did remind me of an irrepressible, all consuming belief that aliens were watching me I had as a kid, though.
Agreeing with 3eoclock, I just did the same thing. :D