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I play games, watch movies, eat, sleep, and do other stuff.
Like PSO and PSU.

DDR is also fun on occasion.
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Seems pretty good, must be great getting back into the rhythm of things.

Everything was going fine here and then PANEL 5 OH MY GOD THOSE EYES I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT ALL OF MY RAGE!!!!!

Could you teach me how draw forest?
Interesting idea
I might restart this entire comic from scratch.
Just thought it might be fun again.
Lack of standard movie-going antics led to mischief on my end.

I will say nothing regarding my end other than that the following were involved:

-Diet Mr. Pibb mixed with a full banana.
-No Shirt (not mine at least, I was still clothed fully)
-DJMAX Technika Machine
-Midnight, at Golfland

...never forget...
You think you're a bad writer.

You? With all the literature you rummage, you consider yourself bad at expressing a tale?

Trust me, you are a very decent writer. Much better artist, but not in any way a bad writer. Your ability to create easily accessible dialogue works perfectly with everything.

Besides, I don't think you've seen the true nature of bad storytelling:
So you weren't able to get the whole thing done in time huh?
Oh well, 30 min late isn't the end of the world.

Daybreakers was fun though right?
We saw Crossbows and muscle cars (and actual vampires for once)
Yeah I'm aware of the speech bubble, or rather RECTANGLE problem.

I'm gonna stick with this for the rest of the chapter, and plan to change it next chapter.
Third time's the charm
I ended up doing this comic 3 different times before I submitted it.

The first time was way too pointless and didn't really advance the plot at all, and the second time had poorly scripted dialogue that at the time seemed okay but afterwards looked kinda lame.

Third time seemed pretty good so I stuck with it.
It took me a while to say this but...
This whole set of 4 art pictures was basically my way of apologizing for the lack of a viewable 100th comic, and I reall yam sorry I can't show anybody what I spent 3 months creating in Imageready, but that's life.

Again, sorry about that.
This one
is for all the people out there who never thought I would ever post again.

Sorry I haven't been here to update, and trust me I really do, but I have been extremely flooded with things to do, and this wasn't high enough on the list.

Now that Summer is over, maybe I'll be able to update more frequently. Who knows, I might be able to post every couple of days (though I wouldn't count on it).

Anyway to those who stayed fans, thank you. To new readers, welcome. To everybody, enjoy.
ECFG = Epic fail

We win!
Honestly, I would much rather beat the bastard at his own game then to completely ignore him.

Makes for greater humor.
To hell with whatever I said before
Just go to, click on DIY at the top, and insert picture and comment and put here. Easy.
Whoever you are, stop it
Seriously, one person went to every single demotivator and marked it 1/5. This is UNACCEPTABLE (insert rocket bear).

I demand a fan retaliation. Unfortunately, it is illegal to hunt down Jeevers and submit them to awful torture, but we can do the next best thing: VOTE FOR THE COMICS!

Put your votes down, and help me thwart the so called "Epic Comic Fail Guy". This doesn't mean I want you to just put down 5/5 on everything, be honest please, but don't let this shmuck of a man win!
ECFG, prepare yourself!
And there it is
New demotivator in a few days, not related to above pic.
There's more
Don't get the joke?
Ur answers are here:
Gimme a break, my life's been very topsy-turvy as of late

Now go home
Trying to keep a steady pace right now
Maybe I'll be able to continually update throughout the rest of the chapter. Keep your fingers crossed.
Just making sure
that you guys didn't think I was dead.