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September 16th, 2010
Zeus, I don't think the brute force method is gonna work on a guy who turns his kids into mindless bloodthirsty puppets...

and lololol Cronus needs to tell me who his security system was installed by.
oh, crap...
Anyone got some bug spray?

And uh, people, great as his spell is, it doesn't look like it'll affect wormy here too much...
Oh, Hades, you had to use the word "Golden" didn't you....

Looks like dad didn't take his pills this morning...
...either that, or he took way too many O_O
well, at least Silda will never be able to lose sight of Ren or Flora...XD
And I can just imagine Silda turning off the lights and using one of them as a flashlight to look for something....XDDDD
oh dear...

what am I saying? He obviously just wants to visit them for some tea XDDDDD
aw! He's so cute!!!
Oh, Ren, you're idea is going to cause a disaster, isn't it...