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28, from the UK. Makes video games and comics.
This is the last transitional page. The next one will feature things actually happening.
Another mostly transitional page, I'm afraid. We'll get to things like talking in a page or two.

As I'm sure was obvious from the lack of updates, I was super burnt out on Lemongrass last year. I'm now feeling much better about drawing it again, and got this page finished in well under a week. I'm now working 100% digitally, and mostly in Procreate, which has made things a lot easier for me.
The four months or so have been pretty awful because of various family things, and I'm still busy job hunting and improving my portfolio. This is the last cityscape I'll have to draw for Lemongrass, I think, and I'm kind of glad after finishing this one.
The cart panel took forever... Most of the background was done in Procreate rather than Photoshop, and I lost a bit of consistency for speed.

I should have finished this page a week ago because I had the difficult bit done by then. I'll try and get the next one done a bit faster.
A change of scene, finally! I've been doing a lot of studying to try and improve my job prospects, so I haven't had as much time for comics, but hopefully the studying will also improve my comic pages.
One more page of this scene, and then we're heading somewhere new. I'm being lazy with the backgrounds until then because I'll have a lot to draw.
Food! I had quite a lot of fun drawing it.

Thank you for your patience, everyone. I'm not making good progress with this at the moment, obviously, but I'm plugging on as best as I can. My wrist pain flared up again a few weeks ago, but it's mostly cleared now.
Finally starting to get back on track with my pages. I inked this one in Procreate on my new iPad, an then coloured it in Photoshop, which worked out better than I expected.
I'm slowly getting back on schedule. I had to be careful with the angles and poses on this one to make sure I didn't need to change the age rating. Also I hate drawing scenes in the dark.
I'm back. I'm very sorry for the longer-than-intended break. This is a difficult chapter to work on, and a lot of not-so-good real-life things happened. It's a relief to be updating again.
Amputating parts of your own body is no fun, even for a sentient ball of energy.

Farewell at last, chapter seven! At 43 pages, it's the longest chapter in the comic by far, and nearly twice the length of some of the earlier chapters.

I will not miss this bloated beast, and I'm looking forward to a change of scenery for chapter eight.

I will be taking a short break over Christmas for family commitments and finalising some things for the next chapter. I expect to be back in early January.
Regular updates on the right day! I'm getting a hang of this whole webcomic thing again. One more page left in this chapter.
Sorry for the unannounced break! Between NaNoWriMo last month, and some recent bad news at work, it's been a stressful few weeks. The good news is that the next two pages are almost ready, bringing us to the end of chapter seven! I may take another short break preparing for chapter eight after that, depending on how much I can get done between finishing these pages off.
Only three more pages left to go in this chapter!
Finally got this one done. A little flashback to chapter one, which was very weird to draw after such a long time.
I'm so glad I won't have to draw many pages with the spirit in this particular shape, because in terms of efficiency, that hair was the worst idea ever.

It was also weird designing this character as they actually would have looked, and then translating it into the spirit's reinterpretation.
Thank you for the well wishes. My operation went well, and I'm recovered enough to be drawing again!
Thanks! I'm hoping for a quick recovery because I get bored if I can't draw.
Look who turned up just in time for the last scene of the chapter!

Lemongrass will be going on a short break from next week, as I'm scheduled for surgery on the 8th, and although it doesn't directly affect my arms, I'm not going to be in a position to draw for a week or two afterwards. I expect to get one more page up in the meantime.