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I work as a freelance designer, artist and animator under my CERA Studios banner. In my spare time I plod away on my interactive stories, visual novels and flash games.
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    Cera L. Hendry
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@Para.island: Thanks so much for reading! :) It did finish a little suddenly indeed... but I thought I'd spent enough time on this particular story. Although, I'd love to elaborate on it someday in a light novel version. (But I'm not promising anything for now XD)

As for another comic? Not for a while I think lol. But I do work in other story-based mediums (like Visual Novels.) But definetly one day I'll create another comic.

Again, thanks for your support! <333
…Aaaand that's me done!

Much love and thanks to everyone who read this. :D
Chapter 4 will be the final one. *Flails arms about* I'm so excited to be on the last leg of this project. XD
@renchikolul: LOL depends where you're raised and what you're used to I guess?? Some cultures in Europe and Asia still consider a smack (when warranted and within reason) the norm. My upbringing included lol. Which is simply why Dorn is treating it somewhat nonchalantly.

Oh and thanks for the +fav!
I just realised I completely forgot to upload the latest five pages (done quite a while ago now!) to Smackjeeves. For shame...
@Annalyn: LOL thanks for your comment XD They're obviously 282 very inactive or just very quiet fans ^^;
Thanks for reading so far, and all the lovely comments! :3
"IT'S A TRAP!!!"
Ah it had to be said... Page two of five new ones I managed to get done while away on holidays.

Happy New Year everyone!
@ColourfulGoldfish: LOL That's the funniest comment I've had so far. XD
Still here!
Just trying to buy a house... and it's a total spare time-burglar.

Can't wait till this ordeal is over.

XOXO Mwah mwah

- Laura

I'll upload 3 more pages within the next day or so.
I'm baaaack!
Phew! Sorry it took so long to get the next pages up. I ran into a bit of a Copic conundrum! My local art shop didn't have any stock of what I needed so I had to import replacement Copic inks, which took 6 weeks! -_- I got a heap of ink refills so I'm hoping to avoid being caught off guard like that again... That's the problem with using non-mainstream art supplies in Australia ^^;
I'm back!
Finally back! Sorry I actually fell life-threateningly sick late last year, then forgot to announce I was also heading overseas to Japan for a while, and then when I got home my city flooded (Brisbane), and I lost a few big freelance clients of my design business since their offices went under and was forced to go back into hospitality work for now *deep breath* Buuut I'm back, and everything has gotten on track again... for now. :)
I just stumbled upon this comic. I'm smitten with the quality of your artwork! :D Awesome story too.
Thanks for the comments and support! Just taking a little break to concentrate on Linear (my visual novel project) for a while. But the second chapter of that is almost done, then I'll be right back onto Rosetta!
LOL Oh she does too. Well... maybe the last little one can be that fatty tissue on the edge of your hand when you clench it. XD Or maybe she's just a freak for that panel.
It's called Red Generation. I'd like to say it's a Vampire Romance but then everyone just assumes 'Twilight' XD It's a bit different again.

That's the site for my publishing label and you can read a bit of it there :)
Chapter 02!
Now that the convention is (finally) over for 2010, I've cleared some room in my busy schedule to charge into the second instalment of Rosetta!

Rosetta performed quite well at the Con, and I received a lot of positive feedback. Most people seemed to be strangely enthralled by my working processes as I showed the traditional originals of Rosetta of how I worked them using Copics and coloured pencils.

So many questions about how I did my work, how I became self-published, what hours I put into it etc… I felt like an information booth more than anything else ^^; But it’s always such a positive experience, and it seems as though I’m an inspiration to quite a few budding local comic artists and writers! (I’ve also published a novel) Well there’s a surprise. XD
Chapter 2
The second chapter will begin shortly after the book/manga convention where I'll be showcasing Rosetta :) Which is held mid April. Most of my time and effort lately has gone into preparing for this event and getting Rosetta, Red Generation and Linear prepared for it.

Thanks for being so patient!
As the title says, this will be the final cover design going into print with the first volume at the end of the month. ^^
What a haul...
<br>Well that's Chapter 1 done and dusted! (And I'm actually on schedule for the convention this year!) It was pretty taxing pushing out so many pages over the past month. (With my full time job to work around too.) But for a 'fun side project' I'm pretty pleased with how this one is coming along.

Anyone familiar with my other work will know that I always try and bring something unique to a genre. I wanted to do a lighthearted crossdressing manga... Maybe I'm a humourless person, because all my stories become kinda dark and angsty! XD I still want to mix it up for this one though. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of it...

All I have left now is the cover art then it's off to the printers for this little book! I'm selling it at an upcoming convention in my city. It'll also be available online through my usual printers,

I'll be taking a break for a while, just while I prepare for the con and push ahead with more on 'Linear', my visual novel project that I've been neglecting for this one ^^;

Till next chapter!
- Laura