Real Name: Ryuu
Age: 18
Gender: Female

About Me

I am a fun loving person who reads waaay to much. I enjoy doodling and playing the cello. I also love reading manga and watching anime. Some of my favorites are Bleach, +Anima, Lucky Star, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a whole slew of others. You might find me at the roller rink or the mall with my friends. I also like to make tasty desserts. I love animals and I am pretty obsesed with cats. I first found this site when I saw some pages on gaia, but then they took the comic away! After awhile I decided to explore the site(best idea ever) Um... I guess that's it. Basicaly I am a very boring person with a normal life.

Recent Comments

Comment on Chapter 5 of Boo
OxeDragon, 24 Apr 2011 01:04 pm
The guy in red does kinda look like a girl....anyway, I was at Anime Boston yesterday as well :D
Comment on Flash Back Stop of Hat Shop
OxeDragon, 14 Apr 2011 05:45 pm
I wonder if it's a bad thing that this comic reminds me of my life :D
Comment on HOT of Hit and Miss
OxeDragon, 05 Apr 2011 05:45 pm
really? I'm freezing!
Comment on 7 of TPRP Manga!
OxeDragon, 02 Apr 2011 05:50 am
I'm not sure if I want to laugh out loud, or strangle you.
Comment on 1 of TPRP Manga!
OxeDragon, 25 Mar 2011 01:32 pm
Awwwww D: I don't want it to end!!
Comment on 03 of Proximo Pulse
OxeDragon, 12 Feb 2011 06:16 am
considering he's bleeding on the back of his head, I'm not sure how okay he is...
Comment on Ch 6 pg 11 of Wanted: Dead or Dead?
OxeDragon, 19 Jan 2011 05:43 pm
James is deffinetly the sidekick. The younger sister is always in charge! (though my older brother would disagree...)
Comment on Page 30 of 20 Galaxies
OxeDragon, 08 Jan 2011 05:16 pm
I can't help but make a star treck reference. "Beam me up Scoty"
Comment on YOU CHOOSE THE NEXT VICTIM of Pinkcess
OxeDragon, 12 Dec 2010 06:01 am
deffinetly blaqcess
Comment on FINAL of 300 days of syao
OxeDragon, 01 Dec 2010 06:11 pm
Happy birthday!
;o; the comic is over!

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