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I'm pretty much done here...
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An ocelot never let's his prey escape.

Whoa, wait. I never noticed this comic...

Opps, sorry.
I wish I could just come back, but I have a lot of things on my plate at the moment.
The Feelz
Shout out to the Homestuck pics under the spiral dragon.
[Insert Troll Face Here]
I actually read this from beginning to page 15 yesterday, then read from this backwards. Chad is so cool. :3
AND I'm caught up and will try to make a comic real soon.

I love how Avory was shown to be an idiot for a few comic. Spot on with him. Really, good job. I'm serious.
@Kuragari: That. Just gave me an awesome idea.
The map would mostly work as a point of reference, where you can sorta tell where everyone is and how you would be able to interact with them in a sorta realistic way which doesn't make sense to begin with in this place but whatever I thought a map would be cool.

Anybody notice that was one sentence? XD
Possible Map Idea?
I was thinking we could have a Map of the Void, considering it's pretty big and there's people everywhere. Since it contains nothing, excluding a few buildings and such (I think) we could have everyone's current location on it (via Mini Heads).

This is Version 0.1 of the Map, since...I don't know where anything is in this place.

So, anybody wanna make Version 0.2? Or was this a stupid idea? Cus i think this'll help...

Can't be Charge Man...can it?
Well, Avory caught up...sorta...umm...

What's Clash Man's main weapon type? Bomb or Screen Flash? Or maybe Screen Flashing Bomb...Flash Bomber!(?)
Avory'll probably make it to the group late...if ever.
Avory has reared off to accomplish some of his own goals...

(Note, this comic is posted at a past time to make canonical sense with Neon's walking away.)

Edit: Shit, wait, time stuff not correct...

2nd Edit: Nevermind, fixed.
Well, seems like I have a chance to start making comics again.
So basically, I can come in and do whatever without damaging the plot.