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Edit: Love the comic so far!
I'm glad this isn't dead. It makes me smile. Keep up the good work!
-takes left hand, takes right hand, claps them together- That's how.
I think the reason I'm most upset about your move and your trip is that I won't get to visit you any more. XD
@SpeedBoostTorchic: I wasn't necessarily comparing the comics. Just that the medium isn't a complete waste of time and can even be one's full time income source.
@Zelkova: But the description says the story will continue. If it was just a dream, and that dream already ended, how would Gigi (the character) get back to it to continue the story?
Alright, it's the 2nd now. I just don't buy this page. Even if the description is true (and the collective Internet is going to need another comment here to that effect), the page itself still feels fake. It both starts and ends too suddenly, and the story cannot continue the way it would continue as the description says with this page up in the way.
If you're taking a vacation, take a vacation. Don't worry about the comic. I'm sure the fans understand.
Your dad seems to not have seen Homestuck or xkcd or Questionable Content or Penny Arcade - webcomics from which the artist makes a living. "Waste of time". What a waste of words.

(Actually, don't quote me on Homestuck)
I was reading through your comics today. I like your style of drawing. It seems simple (and I am in no way implying that simple == easy) enough that I think I'd like to give it a shot. I already have a story idea I'd like to try it with.

Your comic has been a roller coaster ride thus far with me. So far, the hardest loss to me was the Flareon. Eevees are a special place in my heart. ;w;

Your comic - your drawing style - have inspired me to give a shot at my own comic. I think I'll take a crack at it when I finish reading yours.

Keep drawing on. And congrats on getting through college!
Was the third frame supposed to repeat the third frame from the last page word-for-word?
I like how SJ says this "was" posted in 12 minutes (in my timezone).

@121GWJolt: What episode did you quote from (or were you going to)?
Does your friend have them posted online anywhere? I'd like to see them. :3
"when he accessed the situation."

I'm pointing this out as my own sanity check. I think I failed it.
Pokemon only CYOA
@Takai: Protect doesn't block items. Though I doubt Dialga in a primal state would be smart enough to throw an iron thorn.

There's the page referenced by this one, in case anyone missed it. :3
I just deleted mine. I don't want the internet as a whole to know about it yet.
@RudeCanadian: I know that feeling. I loathe that feeling.