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I love Anime, manga, and drawing!
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Can't you do both simultaneously, just like how some yaoi series are structured?
I felt that something was going to happen. There is no way Shiratori would let such a chance fly by. Omgs, Miyuli! You made my day.
Shiratori feel for Haru!
Omgs, this is great! I can't wait until the next page!
Big Bang
When I first those 2 words I thought you were referring to the Korean pop band. Lolz. XD

I look forward to your next "revealing" chapter!~ :D
You Must!
I need you to continue this! I want to know what will happen.
Shiratori's feelings are starting to surface.
- I am surprised by how much food he made, maybe Shiratori secretly knows how much Haru eats.
epic fail. You're too easy Haru. XD
haha! I guessed right! XD
Shiratori comes out of a shower! XD
is my assumption >/////<
Shiratori blushes again~ lolz
Haru is so adorable!~
Shi-chan should take Haru home! XD
That would be another amazing development for them
You made my day! Now I can focus on my last 2 finals!

Btw, I made a smackjeeves account just to comment on your comic!
I love it a lot!
More more more! I love this!
*Shi-chan finally blushed! Haru-chan's LOVU~ might have melted his cold heart!