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Hello , You may call me Panda ! I have plenty of OCs , and story ideas , so hang by!
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Aww :3
Cute~ I bet Club Love is relived too XD
Boom! Headshot!
I love this comic :3 So unique (also , is the "Boom , Headshot" relating to TF2? just wondering XD)
I`m so confused now! XD Suspenseeeeee
I love the seriousness. To the CLOSET.
I love that motion XD He looks awesome
Eric`s little grin here is the best XD
How cute , to be a little rebel

God , I love this comic so much X3
Was expecting a girl possibilty. How nice of Love Club to be open to all relantionships.
This is so cute!!!!
Ahaha , I love their pose <3
Eric!!! XD Ooh , I love Vivian`s outfit too C:
So adorable! X3 Her glasses are cute