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i'm known for being crazy,funny,outgoing,fun and other things that are positive. For I am a positive person :]
I'm real friendly too =D and lalalala i don't like writing descriptions about myself xD

my favorite animals are owls. I love owls. and i like to draw and i like horses and i like the night and i like waffles and i like marshmellows but not too many because then i get sick. and i like pears. and i like a lot of other things but i'm not going to list them.
oh and i love YOU! not really. well maybe.depends who you are.
So it's been 3 years and I randomly remembered the comic and came back to look at this account. And now I really want to finish this but first re-draw all the pages I've already done as my art has changed a bit over time. I dont even know if I can bring this back alive again as its been so long so nobody would expect an update xD let me know what you guys think! I've already started redrawing some pages :3
So I just wanted to post another something just so you know I haven't forgotten about this. :<
I just still haven't yet gotten a replacement tablet pen for the one my puppy chewed up D;

So please forgive me for having you all wait so long! :D Christmas time is coming which means mother will be generous about replacing my pen hopefully. :'D

Anyways, Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll be back in action soon~! <333
So my puppy chewed up my pen that goes with my tablet and it lasted until like last week, then it just fell apart while I was drawing. This sucks so muuuuch D:
because this means I probably have to delay my new and current comics until i can buy a new one.
Feel free to donate to the AmySucksandNeedsANewPen Foundation
because it doesn't exist hahahaha.
Anyways I'm going to try and get it as soon as possible! So i can spoil you all with tons a pages to make up for this unfortunate event D:

kthxbai c:
lub ju~! <3

P.S. This pictor hur is a page belonging to a new comic that I will be starting soon-ish c:

OH AND ALL YOUR GUESSES TO THE LAST PAGE MADE ME LAWL. I think only one person got it right hahahaha xD
Can you guess what kind of toys Gaara is talking about???

By the way thanks for all the comments guys <333

Only like 6 more pages until this chapter is over!! ohmaigawd.
Another page for you all :DDDD

k bye.
Lub you~ <3
Okay,, I wanted to update as soon as I could because I suck for making you guys wait so long :C
So to make it up to you I'm going to start drawing the next page right now~ <3
forgive me ;-;

It's been a bit hectic lately but things are going back to a normal routine :D
which means i'll update more now~
k bye c:
omg what a sweetie pie face lahdfksdjfhsdfsf
August 5th, 2011
hooray for bathtubs scenes <3
I promised something yummy but this is really just me being lazy again xD IM SORRY BUT ENJOY IT DAMNIT

Congratulations to PoynterJones for being my 100th fan!!!! <3
you get... an air hug?? haha yes air hug :DDD

Thank you everyone for the comments and faves!!!! I lub yous all~
lol i suck.
Sorry for the delay D:
but right now I have a Japanese host student staying at my place for 3 weeks.The same girl I stayed with when I went to school in Japan!! :DDDDD
she's so adorable c:

Anyways expect something yummy once this comic gets 100 plus faves~ ;D
this view <3 x3
aaw his floofy tail c:
I heart this smex~
it's so cute and smexy at the same friggin' time
Thanks for the suggestions my dears~ :D
I'm going to try to include all of them into one drawing hahaha x] maybe c: or i might just give you one sexy picture of whatever I feel like Sasuke doing ;D

k bye lub you~ <3
hahahaha. I like where this is going :3
Do you guys have any ideas for what you'd like me to draw when this gets to 100+ fans??
I'm even going to color it and stuff~ c:
GAH thank you everyone!!! <3
asklfghiusajkfdkjsfjd lawl yes c:
Aaw he should switch to contacts :D
Although I like the glasses too c: