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I can't really sum myself up in a paragraph. I can make cute ASCII cats though
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If it's Rat it'll be like that anime episode. Pikachu vs Raichu.
I hate cars.

It was going REALLY fast.
See: March 14th and accompanying author comment

I'll move this strip to the proper place soon since it comes before the last one posted.

and I very nearly got no hours of sleep last night and I am sleepy so I will go do the thing that is sleep

look I drew some Harry Potters g
@Judge: Oh! Hi! I think they said they were gone just for march break, so he should probably be back by tomorrow.

And thanks so much :)
This iPod once went through a wash AND dry cycle. All it has to show for it is a slightly loose click wheel and a few tiny dents.

Anyway, I've found my preferred mode of exercise.

It may or may not involve remixes of fan songs.
It was a pretty impressive amount of bleeding for such a little cut!
One problem with colour is that I always forget what everyone was wearing.

Except Nelson, because Nelson wore a crazy purple vest.
This one might be better without the thought bubble(?)

I'm enjoying recording past events a little more than current ones, so I might do these for a while instead of dailies. I'm also thinking of focusing on other projects (writing, and possibly a comic interpretation of an old text). I dunno!

Oh yeah also there's a comic from three or four posts back you might have missed if you use the RSS feed.
A very simple one because I drew two strips today.
March is looking empty, so I filled in something that happened during the break.

I've generally considered myself a cat person, but every so often there's that one dog that makes me want to change allegiances. Most PEOPLE aren't that happy to see in you the morning!
I dunno if colour adds anything to this. Meh!
Ben is a funny dude, hi Ben
I have this problem too!

You should try one on top of your head and see if it gives you superpowers. :D
Home again for march break.

Trying out colour! Whee~
February 25th, 2015
Well. I wasn't expecting THAT.

I guess the Oddish does know what's going on around it... sooort of.
It's a start.
It's unusual to see one reader on the bus, let alone four. Down with smartphones! Up with pitchforks! Viva la revolution!

Okay, no more bus strips. Ever. And not just because I have carpal tunnel syndrome.
Sometimes my talking is faster than my thinking.
I made these back in high school too (about 50 comics in total, I think, but I deleted a lot because I am bad at foresight). There are some things I like about the older style, namely the bold colours and bigger eyes.
"Oh, the girls with short hair want long hair
And the girls with long hair want short hair"


Also it's -20C, -30 windchill, and I saw a man jogging in shorts and a t-shirt.