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What can i really say about me? Do people actually read thies?

I love Asian cultures....i play the Shamisen.I make fairly good AMV' nice....xD

BTW im not really that old.....xD I just don't like putting my real age on the net
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    You may call me master.....>_<!!
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OHNOES!!! *cries. Goes into Emo corner* Nooooo....

Have fun in cali ^^

Adding. He will be second on mah top 24 xD
Wahh Kawaiii <333333
September 18th, 2007

*hugs Kaoru, my favorite character ever* ;-;
Your art is too damn gorgeous @.@ Keep it that way.....
Uh-oh...My Hizumi senses are tingling....@.@
That kitty is going to make me DIE of cuteness...
HIS HAIR is so cute like that >_<
I just realized how good you make ganguro style look...xD
Kizzy i missed your comic >_< sorry its been so long. Ganguro scares me....I prefer Lolita ^^ But I still love Annarki, and will forever xD
Oh man...
It has been way to long since I came here @.@ i love the way the story has progressed, and as always, I Love your art!! ^^ I missed this comic >_<
OMG I havnt been on SJ for freaking ever! Im sorry, Kizzy >_< I missed SOOO much!

Story is great. and travis is as adorable as ever..xDD
Isnt that the reika girl from Bleach? o.o She dosn't need to learn to be a ninja...
o.o Bad megatokyo refrence....Good try, though...

And "Eve"? Isnt that Misa? Or am I missing something..
You either meant "Since" or "Sensei" I can't tell...
Sound effect: Try "SHink"


And Helpful..Its a Sprite comic...It needs no plots....or good art....Just funny jokes.
xDDD Love the new banner...hi-larrious...
ZOMG Jouet looks like Nuriko xDDD