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I am a bit of a drifter. I go to places such as and view artwork as well as read comics and stories. I often come here to view the Survivor Fan Characters series created by SWSU-Master. I do my best not to anger anyone with any comments I leave. Instead I try to leave good comments, so as to enhance my good reputation.
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Such an awesome ending for All-stars. But where one season ends, another begins. We will all be looking forward to SFC7. Well done SWSU. :)

Farewell >:) Tribe.

Heh heh, I was actually expecting Violet and Bitsy to start rolling around kissing due to joy and happiness, but I guess there will be time for that back at home. ;)

As for Kala, I liked her in both of her seasons. She was the crazy wolf-girl whose antics made me giggle on the inside, and though she may have been crazy, she was a very likable character.

Once again, congratulations on Survivor Fan Characters: All-Stars, and good luck on Survivor Fan Characters: Season 7.
Yeah Vitsy!

SFCAS is going out with a bang before the series comes to an end.
Let's just hope he doesn't turn inside out and explode upon reentry like in Galaxy Quest. Heh heh. We need more of those famous Jeff Probst exits for the upcoming SFC's.
Rainbow Afro Hand vs. Happystick = epic.

Woohoo! Violet still wishes to continue a relationship with Bitsy.

Also, I get the feeling Kala wants to kill Violet for his last quote.
I don't know if Happystick's endorsement counts, but at least he's going to be at Kala's side the whole way through.

At this point of the game, I'll be glad for whoever wins.
Sometimes, a long scream is all it takes to relieve stress. However, I do believe that there is going to be much stress during the Jury Questions.
Give it to her good Violet. I'm interested in what she has to say in her defense. Perhaps they can work things out...or not.
The final showdown between these two and the conclusion to All-Stars. We definitely had some fun reading these comics. Can't wait to see what happens.
During the last panel, I get the feeling Bitsy has been influenced by Montana.
Bitsy's pulling a Baxter move here. This is exactly how Violet was eliminated during the SFC3 Final Immunity Challenge. A strong competitor taken out by a backstabber.
It's always good to hear positive feedback from the players.

Heh heh. That's Popper for you. Somebody who can summarize a whole paragraph into one word.
Time for the Fallen Comrades. Kala doesn't want to win immunity!? If she doesn't even try to win, people will catch on to her plan.

Heh heh, I was thinking Kala should be Dorothy because she is a wolf-girl (a reference to Toto).
You sneaky wolf-girl. Playing on both sides to keep yourself safe. Either very bad...or really clever.
Heh heh. When I saw the guys surrounding Lucky the first time, I thought they were just happy to see a female with them.

Ah Joe. Questions like that could get you seriously hurt or killed.
After all this time, the Jury now has a female. Must be a relief for most of the guys.

I don't believe things are going to end well for Bitsy.
Who will survive? Who will go home? Find out next time on SFCAS!
Pirates follow their own rules, especially on an obstacle course built specifically for them.
Look at all that food! Heh heh. I'll bet Crash Bandicoot wishes he was there right now. PANCAKES!
Hmm, some dog-eat-dog action going on here.
@ LordViking
All we know is that she has some explaining to do during the FTC Jury Questions. Hopefully they can work things out.