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Computer's still fucked up. Drew this with a Sharpie last night, colored and uploaded on my in-laws' PC just now.
If you people would actually read the news posts on the front page once in a while. . .
. . .it's already been explained. My computer's dead, can't get it fixed right away, occasionally using my father in law's computer to check email and stuff until my PC is fixed, comic comes back when that's taken care of.

That's about the long and short of it. I've got no way to do the comic at the moment, but as soon as I do, the comic is coming back.
No, not dead. . .
. . .Just resting. The comic comes back April 1st (no, that's not an April Fool's joke).
Nah, just busy working on some character designs, and debating whether or not to continue with this story arc, or move on.
Now, Rob. . .
. . .One need not be a trekkie to identify with Pete's feeling of "What the FUCK?!" at Joe's undeniably geeky diatribe on Trek "history". One of the great things about this joke is that we ALL know someone who will try, as Joe did with Pete, to "educate" us about Trek.
Please don't. Let's keep to the topic at hand: The strips. When people stray from that, bad things happen, and I normally have to delete messages. That's why guest posting has been disabled for the forseeable future.
Yeah, it's 15 for the bare minimum. Meaning if I want to make ANY money at all, I gotta charge at LEAST 18. That's only a three dollar profit per shirt.
Beany, I have little control over the price. And without the URL, what's the point? Any shirt featuring a cartoon character will, on some part of it, feature either the logo or the title. And they all feature copyright info. It's more a legal issue than anything. Anyone who doesn't put that stuff on their merchandise is an idiot, from a legal standpoint. The only way you'll find merchandise without that stuff is if it's bootlegged. And people who buy bootlegs are nothing more than common thieves.
Beany, removing the text defeats the purpose. The whole reason people make shirts for their comic is for advertising purposes. I defy you to find a Garfield shirt that DIDN'T say copyright Paws, inc, with a URL for the site.
Bro, you lay a hand on me, and the next comic will have you in a G-string giving a hot stone massage to Michael Jackson :))

Besides, it was a funny comic ;)
What do you mean, "poor Pete"? How about "Poor JOE" when Pete sees the comic? I'm a DEAD MAN! :D
Thanks. Good to BE back. The past month has been pure HELL. I'm not completely better, but I'm not feeling nearly as bad as I was.
The comic's back, and going back to the daily schedule as of tomorrow!
I can do you one better than that, brohan. If you ever log on to Yahoo chat, my username is Tardmonkey.comix (make sure the dot's in there). Let's have an actual chat sometime.
Budgie, it's a permanent split. Nightmare and a few of the other admins refuse to enforce their own rules. So fuck 'em. I'm tired of not being able to make a post without getting it from both barrels from some cocksucker with a hardon for me. The site is no longer fun. And a site that is no fun is not worth my time. Granted, there are many people there that I'd hate to lose touch with. But this recent bullshit just shows me where I stand at that place. I'm tired of it.
I know it has, Lycan. I've been very sick, and the comic has been on hiatus. BUT, the GOOD NEWS is the comic will be coming back on Friday, whether or not I'm well.
I deleted them, Pete. This area is for feedback, not fights. If Steve wants to be a dickhole, that's his business. But don't fuel the fire, dude ;) Just ignore him, and wait for me to remove his fucktardery.
If you think Pete's funny in the COMIC, you should talk to him in REAL LIFE sometime. The character's got NOTHING on the REAL Pete :D
You know, it's been eleven comics since we've even seen the damned monkey. Sorry about that, folks. . .I was trying to build up the story around Joe and Pete, and I actually forgot about the fuckin' monkey ;)