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Aha! If only I could draw :)
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Nah, your hand writing is fine.

Whoa! That new project looks suh-wweeeeet! I'm definitely gonna be hittin that up later >.>

As much as I don't want Richard and Henry to have a sad ending, I still would like to know just what ends up happening to them. So hopefully in the future you'll finish up their story, even if it'll make me cry!
Omg! I laughed so hard you don't even know!
All of these long comments! Imma try to get a long one in too!

Omg it's ended! One of my absolute favorite webcomics ever has officially ended! It's definitely sad that it's ended but at the same time it's a happy ending for pretty much all of the characters.

Ed and Liam are probably one of my favorite duos ever to be created EVER! Just the way that they've reacted with each other since the beginning has been the pretty melting pot of character chemistry and relationship.

Don't get me wrong though, ever other person in this comic has been an amazing and well rounded character as well. From the evil to the lovable, all of the characters had their own flare about them that caused me to want to read more and more. Putting all of these amazing characters together in one comic has been a plus since the beginning of it all those years ago!

Sadly, I can't say that I've been with you on this since the very first chapter, but when I started readin this about a year and a half ago, I fell in love with it! You are and amazing artist and story teller. Im sure ill follow you for your figure projects as well!

Thank you Heldrad for this beautiful comic and all these magnificent characters! I'm sure I'll reread this comic many times and love it just as much! Sad that it's ending but happy that it ended well!

Some how I'm actually not surprised that she good with men o.0
She probably scares them a little
I like that plan!
The only problem could be when they ask the two of them to give them grandkids 0.0
I think you should update them all at once but whatever works for you is fine :)
I love it too! So much love is shown between them in this :)
You'd think the two of them would've matured just a little. But then I remembered that it's Ed and there's really no helping him, so hehehe.
I don't really any of the adults would care if they were still betrothed (or however you spell it)
Woo! Valentines Day!
Awww Liam! He's definitely too cute to be a monster.
That last panel is ADORABLE! I love it :)
I hope you can squeeze the appearances of two very lovely people into the next 5 pages ;)
Lol rape, melody and most of the people that read this comic apparently share a brain
Six pages?!?!?!?!?!! Man I wish you hadn't have told me :( now I'm sad.
All good things must come to an end I guess.

Is it just me or did Liam show a bit of an evil side? I like it. Ed needs to RECOGNIZE.

She's sick u say? Well, maybe she'll finally be nicer to Liam and Ed and possibly more accepting ( i can only hope, right)
Lol I went back to the page when they kissed the very first time after I read this one, and let me just say that the difference is quite amazing xD
It is true Ed, it is not always about the sex.
Poodle over a rotweiler :) lulz
Now now Ed. Don't be rude to guys that are twice your size and we be dominating you later anyways.
Love this page, made me seriously lol
Thats how I saw it going in my head actually.
Heh, Ed seems so girly now compared to Liam
Theyre so opposite of how they used to be
Wow Souzette looks good.

Long story you say? Well, I have time :)
Her hair and her dress represent the Victorian era pretty well. It's exactly like how I see the people during that time dress like.
Love it :) she's so pretty now
Everything is how I expected it so far
Except Liam is a little taller than I thought he would be

Dude I love reunions like this, theyre so beautiful and emotional!
---Yay Ed soon!
I'm liking this already :)
Cute Kid.
Im glad though that he didnt corrupt Ed's thinking of Liam
Thats kinda all i got for right now.
Still too excited for the reunion
Cute page :)
This is probably gonna mess with Mika's mind now lol
My anxiousness has almost reached maximum, they really need to meet up again xD
I wanna see how much bigger Liam is than Ed, and how they will handle Ed and his silly unfaithfulness