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He looks pretty cool in the last panel
Did NOT expect that!
Oh okay, maybe they're just cautious because he head been after the Deadwoods? But idk, Mr. Skelly is really beefy but he seemed so scared around Gaddiel... I'm suspicious
Hmm Aja and Mr. Skelly sure are being extra cautious about this guy...
Oh he just wanted to ask questions?? That's a relief...
Uh oh, him AND the clowns??
James got dumped? I do remember him mentioning a woman during one of the Q&A's...
Jesse and James are too dense to see through those disguises lol
MORE FORESHADOWING. And I lol'd at the last line
The foreshadowing is strong with this one
Aw, poor Aja...
Omfg she straight up decked that kid lmao!
Aw, I thought we might get a close up of the group photo! But muhhh seeing Aja so happy is so sweet it's warming my heart @ A @... Just when I had said we haven't seen a tender moment with these guys, now we get one!
Aw, this is a sweet page... Aja's so happy about the plush doll!
Nice angle in the bottom panel. I like Jesse's and James' new outfits too!
I love her new look and your new style @ A @
@MayelV: They're so precious. These characters have left such a strong impression from these few pages. I can't wait to see more of them!