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I reeeeally enjoy these quieter moments in comics. Also these last few pages are done so well!
I hope the horned girl is okay ; A ;
Happy belated!? I really like how Aja is drawn here... Is this the beginning of a newer style?
GOOD. James is a lovely character, but he was going too far here lol...
Oh shit, I never thought Aja was anything but human... I really want to know what's up with her now!
Puah! I finally caught up to my old comment. This has been so good!! I am especially enjoying being able to read this all in large chunks throughout the day lol.
Shit, this guy doesn't hold back!
James' hand is starting to look interesting!
*sobs* they're all so beautiful
Shiiiit these two look sick toooo
; A ;
These guys look siiiiick
I love this, lol
@MayelV: Yeah! I really like how the coin is used to distinguish the protagonists from the antagonists in what value they see in it
Sleek new logo!
Shit, I've missed your humor. I like how they specifically mention how useless the coin is.