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I'm an artist who lives in the midwest. I like to draw comics and anime characters.
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Since I couldn't update on Monday due to the holiday, I'm updating 2 pages today. See you on Friday!
Sorry about the late delay. I spent the weekend at a comic convention out of town, and I didn't get back until late. There will be another update tomorrow.
I will continue to update PSK on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but it will be 1 page at a time. Thanks for continuing to read my story!
This is the final page of issue 2! Issue 3 starts up on Monday. PSK will continue to update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As always, thanks for reading!
My mistake on the posting time of the next three comics. They were supposed to be released this morning with the opening pages of Act 3. As always, thanks for reading.
Hello! Hope you enjoy reading my comic series!